How to Safeguard Against Ad Spend Disasters

10 Tactics to Bulletproof Your Paid Search Budget

Any disaster preparedness expert will tell you it's vital to have an emergency plan. But one plan can't cover every potential disaster.

Similarly, in paid search, you need to know the potential disasters your account may face, and have a plan for preventing and mitigating damage.

We boiled down our analysts' collective experience to present you with 10 key areas in an account that tend to lead to disaster, and what to do about them, such as:

  • Steps you can take to avoid common pitfalls, like AdWords' "optimize" settings and Shopping's "all products" target.
  • The paid search insurance policy that limits the effects of erroneous spend.
  • How to use rules, alerts, and filters to create a safety net that catches mistakes even while you sleep.

Watch the replay now to learn how to bulletproof your paid search accounts against ad spend disasters.

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