Google Product Search Extinction:

The Proactive Retailers Guide to Navigating the Google Shopping Shift

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Since June 28th, Google has been slowly stripping away traffic from your free Google Product Search listings. Whether you like it or not, this move will soon have a huge impact on your business. The retailer shake-up has begun.

The outcome of this shift will be dependent on many factors. The good news is that proactive retailers such as yourself will have a tremendous advantage.

Get over your grief at your rising marketing costs and instead revel in the fact that with this special report you'll be positioned to succeed.

Read this special report to discover:

  • How to avoid the one Google Shopping setup mistake that costs many retailers tens of thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend.
  • The simple campaign optimization technique that signals Google to drastically increase your targeted traffic. (This has nothing to do with bids!)
  • Your two highest leverage points when targeting products in the new Google Shopping.
  • How to apply smart targeting tricks to increase the conversion rate of your product ads.
  • The 9 qualifications required for the new Google endorsement that will make your product listings stand out as trustworthy.

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