AdWords X Factors: Case Study

How DoMyOwnPestControl Achieves 60%+ Y/Y Growth using AdWords

DIY pest control product retailer, DoMyOwnPestControl, has seen explosive yearly growth for ten years running. Expert implementation of innovative AdWords strategies has fueled much of this growth.

This concise case study outlines the major "AdWords X-Factors" that continue to propel them ahead of their competition.

Here is some of what you'll discover:

  • The unintuitive Product Listing Ad / Google Shopping configuration that drives 30% of their AdWords revenue.
  • A new AdWords feature which helps them increase profitability during seasonality and demand spikes.
  • The single change that led to an 18% increase in mobile conversion rate.

Download this free case study today, give it a quick read, and discover new strategies to grow your revenue and profit in AdWords.


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