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Discover Your Google Shopping Readiness

During your free private 20-minute GoToMeeting session, an expert Google Shopping analyst will look over your shoulder at your AdWords account & tell you exactly how to prepare so you're not one of the thousands of retailers who could lose significant traffic by not leveraging the new Google Shopping.

Are you prepared for the imminent Google Product Search extinction date? Google Shopping is a game-changer for all online retailers... will you be one of the winners?

During the recent Internet Retailer conference, we conducted 100+ Google Shopping readiness reviews for successful online retailers. We were shocked to discover over 90% of retailers making egregious mistakes, sometimes amounting to over $10,000 in wasted ad spend with Product Listing Ads and thus the new Google Shopping.

Given all of Google's turbulent changes, you can hardly be to blame... Yet extreme change calls for extreme preparation. We've decided to make our expert Google Shopping analysts available for free "look-over-your-shoulder" consultations to give you an advantage over your competition. We'll use a private GoToMeeting session to conduct your virtual meeting.

After your call with one of our seasoned Google Shopping Analysts, you'll gain the peace of mind of knowing your exact level of preparedness for the new Google Shopping.

We'll discuss your potential for improvement and growth and give you a plan of action to make your goals a reality.

Note: Our client workload is quickly ramping up, so this complimentary offer may be withdrawn at any time as our availability diminishes. Use the form on the right to schedule your free Google Shopping review now!

Choose Your Gift: Google T-Shirt or Beach Towel!

To help overcome any apprehension you may have about the mistakes or opportunities we'll uncover — and to increase your excitement about your Google Shopping Readiness Review — we want to offer you a fun gift.

Google beach towel -- choose blue, yellow, or red.

Be sure to select your desired gift before you click the "Schedule Now" button to the right.

What to Expect...

  1. Step One: Schedule

    Once we receive your request, expect to hear from Page Long within two business days.

    She'll coordinate the best time for your Google Shopping Readinesss Review, and then send a calendar invite with the GoToMeeting details.

  1. Step Two: Attend the Virtual Meeting

    We'll get right down to business. Here are some questions we'll try to answer for you during your Google Shopping Readiness Review:

    • How to avoid the Google Shopping setup mistake that is costing many retailers tens of thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend.
    • What 5-minute changes can be made to immediately increase your Google Shopping ROI?
    • Where are you limiting potential, profitable growth in your Product Listing Ads?
    • Are you using the proven ad-click booster in your product ads?
    • Are you applying smart targeting tricks to increase the conversion rate of your product ads?
    • How many of your products are being ignored in AdWords?
  1. Step Three: Receive Your Cool Gift!

    We'll promptly mail out your choice of Google gift.

Why do we provide this complimentary service...

We provide this complimentary service because we have found this is the best way for you to see how ROI Revolution thinks and acts.

Then, if you like what we do and how we do it, you might be a fit for our Google Shopping and paid search management services. This is our only goal in providing this free 3rd party review, so reserve your appointment today.

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