Free AdWords Epiphanies: Get a 3rd Party Review

During your free private 20-minute GoToMeeting session, an expert Google AdWords analyst will perform an "over-the-shoulder" campaign review to uncover misallocated ad spend & dormant opportunities.

Most AdWords accounts can boost profitability by at least 20% almost immediately with the right tactics in place.

We perform hundreds of AdWords account reviews every year for successful online retailers. We're no longer shocked to discover over 90% of retailers making egregious mistakes, often amounting to over $10,000 in wasted ad spend in AdWords.

Given all of Google's turbulent changes with AdWords, you can hardly be to blame. Nevertheless, the competitive advantage goes to the one who can best navigate their web of high-stakes complexities.

You could use a hand... or at least a 2nd opinion from someone who lives & breathes paid search marketing. We've decided to make our expert Google AdWords analysts available for free "look-over-your-shoulder" consultations. We'll use a private GoToMeeting session to conduct your virtual meeting.

After your call with one of our seasoned Google AdWords analysts, you'll gain the clarity and peace of mind of finally understanding your AdWords campaign shortfalls & opportunities.

We'll discuss your potential for improvement and growth and give you a plan of action to make your goals a reality.

Choose Your Gift: Google T-Shirt or Beach Towel!

To help overcome any apprehension you may have about the mistakes or opportunities we'll uncover — and to increase your excitement about your 3rd party review — we want to offer you a fun gift.

Google beach towel -- choose blue, yellow, or red.

We'll mail your choice of gift following your review.

What to Expect...

  1. Step One: Schedule

    Once we receive your request, expect to hear from Jennifer Eucker within two business days.

    She'll coordinate the best time for your Google AdWords Account Review, and then send a calendar invite with the GoToMeeting details.

  1. Step Two: Attend the Virtual Meeting

    We'll get right down to business. Here are some questions we'll try to answer for you during your Google AdWords Account Review:

    • Are your AdWords campaigns bleeding money through misdirected ad spend?
    • What 5-minute changes can be made to immediately increase your AdWords ROI?
    • Where are you limiting potential, profitable growth in your AdWords account?
    • How many of the proven ad-click boosters have you activated?
    • Are your best Google campaigns still running in AdWords "beginner-mode"?
    • How many of your products are being ignored in AdWords & Google Shopping?
  1. Step Three: Receive Your Cool Gift!

    After the virtual meeting, we'll promptly send you the gift above.

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Please Note: Businesses in certain industries may be ineligible for a strategy session, including SEM firms, adult industry, gambling, and others with which we're not comfortable. Offer valid only in English speaking countries in North and South America, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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