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Bryan Eisenberg Interviews Tom Leung about Google Website Optimizer

April 16, 2007

Nice interview here by Future Now’s Bryan Eisenberg of Tom Leung, the Google Website Optimizer product business manager.

Tom discusses how Google’s free tool helps to overcome the guessing prevalent in most companies as it pertains to how webpages get designed (I like to call it the HIPPO syndrome…Highest Paid Person’s Opinion):

Let’s say you had a bicycle Web site, and you sold bicycle accessories online. The way you’d design some of those pages is that, for the most part, you’d work with a Web designer. They come back with a few design mockups, and you kind of point at the one you think would work best. You would base that largely on your gut feel, or opinion. In some cases, whoever is the most senior person in the room will just tell you, “I like that one,” and you go with it. This scenario is wrought with a lot of guessing and opinions. What we’re doing is trying to change that with Google Website Optimizer.

And what the tool does:

What the tool does is allow you to instrument the page so that you can test a whole variety of ideas. So you aren’t limited to picking just one of a few design mockups. You can literally test hundreds, if not thousands, of versions of a page. When a visitor arrives at your site, we’ll show them a specific version, and it tracks whether or not they convert, whether it’s purchasing a product, or signing up for a newsletter, or whatever you decide is a successful conversion. Then, it will report back to you which combination worked the best. It takes the guesswork out of marketing by letting customers tell you what works best for them by letting them vote with their clicks. You can constantly test new hunches, new ideas, and turn your Web site into a living laboratory.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Tom as a part of the Website Optimizer BETA since almost the day he joined Google in December, 2006 (Tom worked previously at Microsoft). Tom is super fired up about Google Website Optimizer and completely committed to making the Internet a better (converting) place.

Manoj interviews Google Analytics Brett Crosby

September 22, 2006

Google's Brett CrosbyThere’s a great interview just published by Manoj on his blog with Google’s Brett Crosby.

Brett is one of the founders of Urchin Software company which got acquired by Google in March, 2005. Brett is a great guy in every respect and has a good deal of passion for spreading the web analytics gospel whereever he can.

When Manoj ask Brett about his goals for Google Analytics Brett said:

…one of my general goals is to get more and more people to use this data in order to make actionable decisions. More specifically one of my goals (and my entire team’s) is the opportunity to bring the market up to speed by using analytics to make decisions for their website. This was not the case a little while back where only a small percentage of users had access to this type of data. It’s an industry wide challenge to get the right information to the right people at the right time so this is something we’re taking serious considerations into.

Manoj also asked Brett about how AJAX measurement might be implemented in the future and here’s what he said:

Great question, although my thoughts are proprietary to Google, we did purchase a company called MeasureMap a little while back and one of the founders of Measure Map: Jeff Veen has written a book on AJAX/Web design. Jeff and his team are highly versed in AJAX so therefore we definitely have some thoughts on how to handle it.

Read the whole interview here.

Marketing Monger Podcast Analytics Interview

June 20, 2006

Eric Mattson, an American marketer currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, is on a quest (through his blog entitled Marketing Monger) to conduct 1,000 podcast interviews of “marketers, innovators, entrepreneurs and other interesting people”. I don’t know where I fit into the mix but Eric found me and asked me to talk about web analytics in general and specifically how we help companies implement Google Analytics into their websites.

From Eric’s marketing blog, here’s a portion of the post on his 42nd podcast interview:

Tim and I chatted about what attracted him to Google Analytics originally, the biggest mistake he finds prospective clients making, how Google Analytics feeds into Google Adwords and more.

You can listen to the interview here.

Interview with Google Analytics’ Alden DeSoto

April 20, 2006

Alden DeSotoWe had the opportunity to interview Alden DeSoto, Editor of the Google Analytics Conversion University and the Voice of Urchin (so named because Alden was the
narrator of the Urchin tour on, and asked him some questions about the move to Mountain View, the mission of Conversion University, and the importance of web analytics to sites large and small.

ROI Revolution: It’s been just over a year since the Urchin team moved from the former home of Urchin in San Diego, CA (due to Google’s purchase of Urchin Software) to Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA. What’s it been like over the last 12 months?

Alden DeSoto: Hard work, but fun and incredibly stimulating. I feel like we get to do really big things here. Like rolling out Google Analytics to everyone who wants it, and for free. We’re helping so many businesses this way and I love meeting customers and hearing about their successes. And, Google itself is an amazing place. There are a lot of brilliant and really passionate people around here. It’s one of these places where you’ll sit down to lunch at a table with someone you don’t know and end up having a fascinating conversation. And, we get authors and speakers doing presentations at Google all the time. Some of these people are my personal heroes–Jimmy Carter and last week, Al Gore. So, I’d say I get continually re-inspired here at Google. It’s hard to imagine being anyplace else.

ROI: What’s your background, Alden, and how has your role changed since the Urchin buyout by Google?

AD: My background is in communications. Before Urchin (I joined Urchin in October of 2003), I was a writer at Sun Microsystems and Siebel Systems, here in Silicon Valley. I also spent a year in Guatemala working for an NGO, developing and teaching a computer literacy curriculum for Guatemalan high school students. I basically like to use my writing ability to help people.

At Urchin, my job was copywriter-technical writer-corporate communications all rolled into one. But, my mission was to help people understand how they could use Urchin to be more successful online. And, as editor of Conversion University, that is still basically my mission here at Google. The more information that is out there on how to actually use Google Analytics to market more effectively, to build a better site, to create more compelling content, the better businesses are going to do. And, the more useful the web will be to your average person or consumer. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to the day that when I click on a search result, I can always expect to land on a landing page that shows me what I’m looking for, without having to hunt around. It’s frustrating for me (and it makes me sad for the business), when I end up leaving a poorly designed site because I can’t find what I’m looking for. So, I guess I’m trying to help create a better experience for myself and everyone else!

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