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Rich Ads In Search

May 29, 2012

Rich Ads in Search create a more engaging experience for prospective customers–and can help drive more of them to your website.

With Rich Ads activated in MSN, your branded text ads are enhanced with user-engagement features such as deep links to your site, text entry forms, images, and videos.

Improvements to view-through conversion reporting

April 29, 2011


If you are advertising on the Google Display Network there is a good chance you know what a “view-through conversion” is. In case you don’t, a view-through conversion (referred to as a VTC) occurs when a user views an image or rich media ad (but doesn’t click on it) and later completes a conversion. Way back in 2009, Google introduced the VTC reporting feature to help better measure the value of display advertising.

Last year Google took this a step further, and released a couple of improvements to VTC reporting including a customizable view-through conversion window and de-duplication of search conversion reporting.

What these settings do
Customizable view-through conversion window
Previously the VTC window was set to 30 days, meaning Google reported on the number of VTCs that occurred up to 30 days after a user saw the ad. Now, you’re able to customize this time-frame.

De-duplication of search conversion reporting:
If this setting is disabled (the default) your VTC report will include conversions from users that viewed a display ad and later clicked on a search ad. Essentially, these conversions are reported twice – in the VTC report for the display network image or media rich ad and the conversion report for the search network ad.

If you enable this setting, Google will exclude from the VTC report conversions from users who have also clicked on your search ads. These conversions will only be attributed to your search ads.

Google Launches Enhanced CPC

August 17, 2010

enhanced cartoonGoogle released their latest addition to the bidding features family – Enhanced CPC. It’s been in beta since March, but Enhanced CPC officially launched yesterday, August 16th.

The premise of the tool, much like Conversion Optimizer, is to “boost your ROI with an easy to use, automated bidding tool.” Enhanced CPC will automatically adjust your max CPC bid based on the likelihood your ad will convert.

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