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Make Google’s Change to Ad Rotation A Positive!

May 21, 2012

If you have an AdWords account, chances are by now you have heard about Google’s changes to the ad rotation settings. The news came out a few weeks ago that Google is phasing out the “rotate: show ads more evenly” setting that many advertisers rely on for ad testing. There has been a TON of negative feedback about this change, but if handled properly it can actually be a chance to reevaluate your ad testing and make some positive changes to your AdWords account.

Here are our recommendations to ensure this change does not negatively affect your account’s performance, and more importantly, your bottom line.

ROI Revolution has moved!

April 23, 2012

roi office frontYour ROI Revolution team is excited to announce that after almost four years in our previous office building, we have outgrown our space and therefore moved on to a bigger and better office building this past weekend!

Our new office is located on Six Forks Road in Raleigh, North Carolina, less than 5 miles from our previous office.

Are Your Paid Search Ads Hurting Your Bottom Line?

January 9, 2012

searchadsI’ve managed paid search accounts here at ROI Revolution since 2005, and 99% of the time when I look at a new account there is room to improve results through ad testing. Over the years much has changed in paid search, but the need to continually test and optimize ad text has stayed constant.

Ask yourself if any of the following top 4 pitfalls are currently hurting your paid search performance.

Facebook Advertising = Relationship Building

April 12, 2011

We all know that Facebook is “where it’s at”, but the problem from an online marketing standpoint is learning how to tackle this growing source of traffic in the most appropriate and profitable way for your business.

Facebook’s advertising platform allows for extremely targeted ad campaigns, and you can pay per click (like Google); however, when learning how to measure & profitably create an ad campaign the playing field is vastly different from other pay per click advertising platforms. The biggest difference is that Facebook is all about relationships. Anything that is not fostering or developing some sort of relationship on Facebook is deemed inauthentic.

Here are four ways to successfully grow & measure your Facebook presence authentically:

Plus One! Google Adds Another Match Type

July 30, 2010

Google’s latest targeting feature is the release of the new modified broad match. This new match type gives targeting results that are in between phrase match and the original broad match, but is more closely related to phrase match.

Want Higher Landing Page Quality Scores in Google? Here’s How:

June 23, 2010

Google Recently rolled out a new series of advanced tests for their Google Advertising Professionals program, and in some of the study material they explain what affects advertiser’s landing page quality score.


Here are three areas Google wants you to focus on to help ensure your website receives a decent quality score:

Do you know about Gmail’s Funbox?

May 13, 2010

The ‘Funbox’ is a little known reference to the top ad spot in gmail, and guess what? You can target it as a managed placement in your AdWords content network campaigns.


So how do you target the fun box? The fun box is not found in the placement tool, so you need to add this in manually as a managed placement (in the networks tab):,Top center

Save Money In Yahoo Search Marketing By Excluding Search Partners That are Not Performing Well:

April 27, 2010

I’d like to share with you a way to save money in your Yahoo Search Marketing account that is not as obvious as the regular optimization strategies. As you probably know, when you advertise on Yahoo’s search network, your ads don’t just show on Yahoo’s search results page. They are also displayed on countless search partners that Yahoo has agreements with. This new optimization strategy is centered around the search partners.

New, Live Webinar: The 6 reports that contain 90% of actionable AdWords insights

April 14, 2010

brad geddesHere at ROI Revolution we are always students of the best practices and the smartest strategies in the world of data driven paid search. Brad Geddes, founder of the Internet marketing training firm bgTheory (pictured right), has some of the most powerful pay per click insights around.

Brad is a long time internet marketing veteran who regularly speaks at search marketing conferences throughout the country and is the only Google AdWords Seminar Leader in the world who teaches, under Google’s authorization, AdWords 301 and 302.

I’ve personally used Brad’s techniques to come up with powerful new ad text for my clients, find new keyword opportunities, and find areas where my bids were limiting exposure on profitable keywords.

Brad has recently written a new book, Advanced Google AdWords, and we’ve already purchased five copies for our office.

We’ve got a unique opportunity to join us for a live webinar with Brad Geddes. Brad will shed light on the 6 most important AdWords reports that will give you all of the actionable insights you need to make some powerful changes within your AdWords account.

The AdWords report center is a powerful tool that should be leveraged by every advertiser, but without knowing what data to focus on it’s easy to waste time running useless reports.

The webinar will be on Thursday, April 22nd at 2pm ET.

Click here to get signed up for this free event:

Hosted by: ROI Revolution’s CEO, Timothy Seward
With Guest Presenter: Brad Geddes, Founder of bgTheory

Is it Time For a Winter PPC Account Makeover?

January 19, 2010

January is a fresh start, a time for resolutions, and a time for cleaning up the mess made from the holiday season. The same should apply to your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Breathe new life into them with fresh keywords, ad text, and competitive research.


Here is a 5 step plan to give your PPC accounts a (much needed) winter makeover:

1. Read Blog Articles For New Keyword Ideas: Read your industry blogs to keep up with the latest buzz words. Reading the latest and greatest articles may help you think of new ways people will be searching for your products. Setting up a Google blog reader to follow blogs from your industry can help make this task much more time efficient.

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