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8 Reasons to Bid on Your Own Branded Keywords in Paid Search

June 7, 2011

We’re sometimes asked “why should I bid on my own branded keywords?” In most cases, the asker wants to know if they can save money (or improve ROI) by not bidding on their brand keywords. It’s an interesting question, with a not-so-simple answer. Each click costs money, so yes, theoretically, you can save money by not bidding on your own branded searches. But with that same logic, can’t you also save money by keeping it under your mattress instead of in a 401k?

It’s understandable to initially focus more on the cost of branded keywords, rather than the value. Cost is a measurable, absolute number that’s seen in paid search accounts and credit card statements. The value is usually less-measurable, with some shades of gray in the calculations.

Sometimes it can be tough to quantify the effect of branded exposure, especially in dollars and cents. Our experience shows that branded keywords almost always convert at pennies on the dollar, with very high profitability. That’s only for the immediate, measurable traffic though. What about the long-term effects in customers’ minds or residual traffic that may come later on? In my opinion, the harder-to-measure effects of “bidding on your own branded keywords” are almost always a reason to spend more on them, not less.

Here are eight reasons why bidding on branded keywords can be a good idea (and a good investment):

PPC Summit in Dallas, Boston

January 10, 2008

If you are into PPC advertising in any way, shape or form, then very seriously consider attending the PPC Summit.

Like I’ve said before, this conference is arguably the most valuable conference for anyone in search marketing, as it’s focus is 100% PPC advertising. The variety of tracks and presentations at any given time makes it easy to find something that you both need to learn and want to learn. Within each session, you can choose between keynote speeches, clinics, panel discussions and workshops, on three simultaneous levels: fundamental, advanced or advertiser-specific. Everyone is covered.

Attendees also have several opportunities to strike hands and hob-knob with industry experts from all sorts of companies and agencies. Historically, PPC Summit has brought in reps and marketers ranging from big-name companies (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, eBay, Amazon) to independent entrepreneurs to agency team members. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by expertise, ideas and experience to draw upon from passionate PPC marketers.

Some of the tracks include:

Funny AdWords Contest: Round 2

December 12, 2007

Welcome back to another episode of ROI Revolution’s Funny Adwords Contest. We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the next wave of ads that have been collected over the last several months.

You can see the Round 1 Winners here.

The rules: Read the ads and post a quick comment to declare your winners for the top 3 funniest Adwords Ads. You can just put the ad numbers in your comments, but clearly label each ad 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. If you enjoyed this post, forward the link to people you know and encourage them to vote too. The more votes we get, the more indisputable the winners are.

The point system will be as follows:

  • 1st place vote = 3 points
  • 2nd place vote = 2 points
  • 3rd place vote = 1 point

Round 2:

#18 Selling a keyword online?

The more votes we get, the better, so pass it on. Later on, we’ll announce the winners, losers, whatever. The funniest.


Funny AdWords Contest: Round 1 Winners

November 6, 2007

What do replacement grandmas, weed, new brains and vacations to Hell have in common? If you just said “They’re all being advertised with Google Adwords” then you are correct!

I’m sure we’ve all seen some strange stuff out there in PPC land. There have been so many wacky things in Adwords that I decided it’s time to have a little contest before these weird little ads disappear. So, I Introduce to you ROI Revolution’s First Annual Funny Adwords Contest.

Update 12/12/2007: Round 1 Winners:

1st Place: #6– eBay (40 Points)
2nd Place: #1– (20 Points)
3rd Place: #7– (14 Points)
Honorable Mention: # 5– Target (13 Points)

See Funny Adwords Contest: Round 2 Ads.

Happy Halloween from ROI Revolution!

October 31, 2007

The whole gang!

From left to right: Mark Curtis, Denis Coombes, Meredith Smith, Michael Harrison, Shawn Purtell, Justin D’Angelo. Sitting: Page Christenbury, Kathy Scott

Here’s hoping that you’re having as much fun as we are this Halloween. We held our first annual company-wide costume contest, and here are the results:

  • Scariest: Meredith, as a witch (though Mark’s Clay Aiken came very close)
  • Most Original: Denis, as a World Cup-winning Springbok
  • Best Overall: Kathy, as a barmaid

Check out all of the photos!

PPC Summit: The One & Only PPC-Only Conference

October 24, 2007

If you’re serious about making your Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) campaigns really shine, then don’t waste time or money attending generic, dime-a-dozen “online marketing” conferences.

Here’s why: Most conferences offer a more general online marketing theme all bundled into one “jack of all trades” conference, with a few general PPC tracks if you’re lucky. “Okay, PPC people, go into that room over there. We’ll see you again in about an hour for an ice cream break.” Sound familiar?

It’s great that many marketing conferences offer break-outs or alternate tracks for PPC. Really. But it’s almost always to cater to general marketing professionals who either want to know what PPC is or are still deciding whether to use it in their marketing mix.

So hold on, what about the PPC gurus who sit at their desk polishing PPC accounts all day? What if I don’t give a rat’s behind about SEO or affiliate programs? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of sitting through “Intro to Adwords” and “definition of CTR” slides for 3 hours. Especially after slapping down $1,000 to attend. My order: Less milk & honey, more steak & potatoes…with A1 sauce.

That’s why I’m so pumped about the upcoming PPC Summit in San Francisco (Thursday & Friday November 15-16). No matter what hour of the day, no matter which room I wander into, it’s PPC-focused and designed for enlightening the PPC die hards. This is the ONLY conference that can boast that.

AdWords For Dummies: Who’s the Dummy Now?

September 14, 2007


2 years ago, NOBODY was a bigger dummy than I was when I first began fiddling with Google AdWords. For me, it was an overwhelming mix of internet articles here, a free eBook there, some trial and error and a pinch of “how hard can it be” that got me started (if you’re one of my clients, please stop crying. This is long before I worked here). My first Adwords recipe wasn’t a complete disaster, but it certainly wasn’t anything delicious either. It was like pulling the dish out of the oven, waving off the smoke, and then scrambling to read every cookbook I could find to figure out what went wrong. Times have changed, and I definitely have a newfound appreciation for the words WARNING: Read the instructions first!

So, I just finished reading Adwords for Dummies by Howie Jacobson. First things first, congratulations to Mr. Jacobson. This is the first “For Dummies” book that I finished, cover-to-cover, every single word (except the index). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the other Dummy books, but I typically treat them more like dictionaries than books. Yes, it’s a reference book. But regardless, I read it straight through and it still kept my interest. That’s certainly no small feat.

Howie explains things very well, evenly balancing casual tones with occasional (and necessary) tech talk. His steady use of examples, analogies, humor, tips, pictures and additional resources will no doubt engage readers, whether they seek the “techy” stuff or just a casual read on Adwords. With so many best practices, business blessings, warnings, and parables, one could rightfully call this the Bible of Adwords and feel somewhat justified. There’s even a Revelation-esque chapter at the end called “The Ten Most Serious Adwords Beginner’s Mistakes,” crammed with stories of woe and all manner of marketing budget destruction. Regardless, there is still a happy ending.

Tournament Contest Update

March 19, 2007

you’re following the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, then you’re probably
well aware of how crazy the weekend was. Hopefully you’ve also entered
our Elite Eight Contest
and, if you’re doing better than I am with your
picks, you’ve got a good chance to win a really beautiful
pearl necklace
from Magnum’s Jewelers.
It’s worth $500, so even if you’re not a huge basketball fan, you really have
no excuse not to enter.

Saturday saw three games that went into OT, but Sunday came with the sad realization
(at least for Shawn and
I) that the upsets were not to be. Aside from UNLV’s win over Wisconsin and
perhaps Vanderbilt’s narrow triumph over Washington State in the Battle of
the Derricks (Byars and and Low), it was par for the course. To put my own
spin on a common sports writer’s cliche, Goliath went home with David’s little
slingshot as a trophy.

AdWords Extends Print Ad Auctions

February 16, 2006

Looks like AdWords is extending their print ads auctions until February 24th. If you missed the opportunity, be sure to act now, and don’t forget to track your offline advertising with Google Analytics.

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