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Retailers: Stay Current & Relevant in a Fast-Paced World

October 20, 2014

764px-current_event_marker-svgEcommerce is booming around the world. There’s no denying the rapid pace and constant evolution of the ecommerce industry. Every year more and more shoppers are turning to the internet for more convenience, better product selection, and the lowest prices. According to the Centre for Retail Research, online shopping in the U.S. accounts for 11.6% of the total retail market share. And over half of the U.S. population shops online.

As a retailer, you know (and probably recognize) the growth happening in your own business as online shopping becomes more popular. However, this rapid growth means you have to be poised and ready for anything when it comes to driving qualified traffic to your site and creating more sales.

ABC’s of Ad Scheduling for AdWords

August 15, 2014

clock swirl smallScheduling your ads in AdWords is not an entirely new concept for most retailers. Anyone who has been using AdWords for a few years should be familiar with the campaign settings that allow you to adjust your bids based on the hours of day and days of the week. However, ad scheduling is more than turning on (or off) your ads during business hours. In fact, since your website is on 24/7, your AdWords ad scheduling should be based on your shoppers’ online shopping habits instead of your store hours.

8 Google Shopping Campaign Optimization Ideas

August 7, 2014

optimization-ideas-google-shopping-campaignsThere is no hiding from Google’s forced Google Shopping campaign upgrade.  While change is often uncomfortable, retailers cannot afford to sit back and ignore the upgrade of Product Listing Ad campaigns to the new Google Shopping campaign format. So, we might as well make the best of our feelings on Google’s constantly evolving platform.

The only way to feel good about this change is to get out in front of it and optimize the new campaign for the most ideal results. In our experience over the last 9 months of working on the new campaign format, there are clear benefits with the new Shopping campaigns. Plus, we are seeing increasingly better results as we gain further understanding of how to optimize key aspects of the new format.

Just Released: Product Ratings for Google Shopping Product Listing Ads

August 4, 2014

product-ratings-google-shopping-ad-exampleLast week, Google announced they are adding product ratings to Product Listing Ads for Google Shopping results. For ecommerce retailers, having product reviews are the holy grail of social proof for your product catalog. For shoppers, these product reviews have a big impact on the final purchase decision.

So with all the other changes coming in the new Google Shopping campaigns, the addition of product ratings is exciting for retailers. According to Google’s announcement, “This 5-star rating system represents aggregated rating and review data for the product, compiled from multiple sources including merchants, third party aggregators, editorial sites and users.”

Google’s Dynamic Remarketing – 5 Tips to Turn Lost Opportunities into Retail Gold

July 25, 2014

google-dynamic-remarketing-ad.pngNearly 70% of shoppers who add products to their cart end up leaving without completing the purchase.

So, what can ecommerce retailers do about these lost opportunities to convert a website visitor?

Ultimately, remarketing is the best strategy for bringing back those buyers who left without making a purchase. If you can keep your brand and your products in front of motivated buyers, then they are more likely to come back to shop.

Paid Search Strategies for Multi-Channel Retailers

June 17, 2014

Thumbnail image for hope is not a strategy.pngAccording to a study commissioned by, the online retailers surveyed said that 46% of their marketing budget is dedicated to paid search (40% for traditional paid search, plus 6% from product listing ads). This is almost half! So, why is almost half of a retailer’s budget dedicated to paid search?

When it comes to online marketing, paid search is one of the most measurable forms of marketing. Every dollar spent in a paid search campaign can be tracked and measured. This allows retailers to quickly identify areas where they are wasting money and focus their efforts on more profitable products and categories.

Top 5 Tips for Winning Big on Comparison Shopping Engines

June 9, 2014

5-tips-cover-pic.pngGoogle and Amazon are powerhouses when it comes to comparison shopping engines. Forrester estimates that combined these two domains dominate over 33% of the ‘top of the funnel’ destination for online shoppers. The fact that online shoppers are more likely to start their research on Google or Amazon means that retailers need to be prepared to reach those shoppers via their shopping engine platforms (i.e. Google Shopping and Amazon Product Ads).

The 4 C’s of the Viral Video Paradox

June 5, 2014

AustinHeadshot-208x274.jpgAustin Craig, pitchman for Orabrush, shared his experience with creating viral videos at the Retail Traffic Summit 2014. In his session he discussed the ways that retailers can plan for a viral video.

What We Learned at the Retail Traffic Summit 2014

May 29, 2014

rts-crowd-small.jpgEcommerce retailers are always looking for ways to drive more qualified buyers to their online store. The 2014 Retail Traffic Summit was an information-packed two-day event in Atlanta, Georgia where we gathered top experts in ecommerce to share their knowledge with over 150 ecommerce attendees.

These experts shared advice on everything from affiliate and email marketing to SEO and social media. Google joined us as well to highlight the latest innovations with Google Shopping and ways to convert buyers on the Google Display Network. We learned a lot at the traffic summit, and our guests left with actionable takeaways that will improve their business.

15 CSE Tips from the Retail Traffic Summit 2014

May 27, 2014

Mike E & Michael L speaking 200x200.jpgWhile they often cause anxiety for many ecommerce retailers, Comparison Shopping Engines are a targeted way for ecommerce retailers to find and attract qualified buyers to their site. The Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) sessions at the Retail Traffic Summit had some of the best attendee ratings of the entire show.

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