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Paid Search Strategies for Multi-Channel Retailers

June 17, 2014

Thumbnail image for hope is not a strategy.pngAccording to a study commissioned by, the online retailers surveyed said that 46% of their marketing budget is dedicated to paid search (40% for traditional paid search, plus 6% from product listing ads). This is almost half! So, why is almost half of a retailer's budget dedicated to paid search?

When it comes to online marketing, paid search is one of the most measurable forms of marketing. Every dollar spent in a paid search campaign can be tracked and measured. This allows retailers to quickly identify areas where they are wasting money and focus their efforts on more profitable products and categories.

Top 5 Tips for Winning Big on Comparison Shopping Engines

June 9, 2014

5-tips-cover-pic.pngGoogle and Amazon are powerhouses when it comes to comparison shopping engines. Forrester estimates that combined these two domains dominate over 33% of the 'top of the funnel' destination for online shoppers. The fact that online shoppers are more likely to start their research on Google or Amazon means that retailers need to be prepared to reach those shoppers via their shopping engine platforms (i.e. Google Shopping and Amazon Product Ads).

The 4 C's of the Viral Video Paradox

June 5, 2014

AustinHeadshot-208x274.jpgAustin Craig, pitchman for Orabrush, shared his experience with creating viral videos at the Retail Traffic Summit 2014. In his session he discussed the ways that retailers can plan for a viral video.

What We Learned at the Retail Traffic Summit 2014

May 29, 2014

rts-crowd-small.jpgEcommerce retailers are always looking for ways to drive more qualified buyers to their online store. The 2014 Retail Traffic Summit was an information-packed two-day event in Atlanta, Georgia where we gathered top experts in ecommerce to share their knowledge with over 150 ecommerce attendees.

These experts shared advice on everything from affiliate and email marketing to SEO and social media. Google joined us as well to highlight the latest innovations with Google Shopping and ways to convert buyers on the Google Display Network. We learned a lot at the traffic summit, and our guests left with actionable takeaways that will improve their business.

15 CSE Tips from the Retail Traffic Summit 2014

May 27, 2014

Mike E & Michael L speaking 200x200.jpgWhile they often cause anxiety for many ecommerce retailers, Comparison Shopping Engines are a targeted way for ecommerce retailers to find and attract qualified buyers to their site. The Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) sessions at the Retail Traffic Summit had some of the best attendee ratings of the entire show.

New Google Shopping Format - What eCommerce Retailers Need to Know

May 22, 2014

google shopping.pngIn late 2013, Google started experimenting with a new campaign format for how retailers manage products ads on Google Shopping via AdWords. For those who remember the forced upgrade to a fully paid model of Google Shopping in 2012, this shift should be less painful. Google expects this new campaign format to be a more streamlined version of the legacy Product Listing Ad campaigns that most retailers are currently using.

ROI Revolution's Retail Traffic Summit 2014

May 19, 2014

RTS2014 - Collage 1 - 200x200.jpgThe 1st annual Retail Traffic Summit concluded with 150 attendees leaving Atlanta, Georgia with fresh ideas and new ways to bring qualified shoppers to their online stores. During this ROI Revolution event, retailers were given a unique opportunity to connect with other retailers who are experiencing similar successes and struggles.

Cross-device Attribution Modeling for eCommerce Retailers

April 22, 2014

cross-device-attribution-roi.pngAccording to the 2014 U.S. Digital Future in Focus report, more than half of all device users in the United States are multi-platform users (i.e. people who use both mobile and desktop devices). These multi-plaform users now make up 56% of all users in the United States. Since the introduction of smartphones to the marketplace, consumer habits have been changing at lightning speed. This includes their shopping habits. So, how are retailers adjusting for these cross-device shopping trends?

7 Major Paid Search Lessons Retailers Learned in 2013

December 18, 2013

title-slide.png2013 was a pivotal year in paid search for retailers. Some experts estimate over 1,000 changes in AdWords alone! From a complete platform upgrade on AdWords to tons of new features on Bing, ecommerce retailers can easily lose track of all the changes. However, with each of these changes came lessons on how to adjust for improved profits in 2014.

June AdWords Round Up

July 1, 2013


"Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity" -Henry Hartman

Google has had no shortage of announcements and new features as they prepare to roll out Enhanced Campaigns. In our June AdWords Round Up we will highlight some of the changes, announcements, and new features from Google. June has been a dynamic month for retailers using AdWords including new reports, more changes to extensions, and new bidding strategies.

R.I.P - The Loss of 2 AdWords Ad Extensions

May 24, 2013

As enhanced campaigns continue to roll out over the next couple of months, Google is quietly making some changes to the availability of certain ad extensions - Product extensions & Social extensions. One extension has been consumed by the almighty Google Shopping machine and the other has become automated for those using the Google+ social platform. So, what does this mean for retailers using AdWords?

Layering on Location Targeting in Enhanced Campaigns

May 15, 2013

pushpin map.jpg
Arguably one of the most powerful upgrades with Google's new AdWords platform, Enhanced Campaigns, is the ability to target locations more granularly within a single campaign. Under the old structure, retailers looking to target a specific geo-region would have to duplicate a campaign then target the copied campaign to the specific state, city, or zip code. This was tedious and cumbersome - especially for large accounts.

The Full Value of Mobile - Mobile Justified?

May 8, 2013

Mobile Devices and Tablets.png

Enhanced Campaigns have magnified the impact of mobile on paid search. Advertisers are seriously evaluating how profitable mobile searches are to their industry. Those who once opted out of targeting mobile devices must now decide what percent (if any) of their budget to allocate to mobile searches. Some may even opt out completely because mobile doesn't convert well for them.

PayPal Express Checkout is Making Mobile Payments Easier for Retailers

March 7, 2013

logo_paypal_106x29.pngThere is no doubt smartphone and tablet shopping is thriving. If you are skeptical, just look at the trends from 2012. Sales from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices grew 81% in 2012, accounting for 11% of total e-commerce sales.

Top 10 Most Popular Topics of 2012

January 7, 2013

Top 10.jpg "The Year of Big Changes" is one way to describe e-commerce in 2012. Social media networks, like Pinterest and Google+, gave retailers more ways to become visible to consumers while edifying consumer relevance in search. The shift to Google Shopping really changed the rules of the game and brought us Google Trusted Stores, which proves to be of great benefit to participating retailers. Plus, new strategies for remarketing are extending seasonality for retailers. All of these changes to paid search in the last 12 months are affecting how retailers approach and optimize their paid search campaigns.

Google Trusted Stores in Product Listing Ads

November 7, 2012

google-store-checkSince the announcement of Google Shopping, online retailers have been scrambling to make sense of the changes and adapt for a successful Q4. On October 17th, Adwords' Product Listing Ads officially power all of Google Shopping. As the rollout has happened over the last few months, Google has been adding features to their system to help retailers get an added lift for this year's holiday season. One program in particular is Google Trusted Stores.

Retail Promotions on Google Properties

October 24, 2012

google-store-checkOnline retailers know that shoppers are always looking for a stellar deal. The 2012 holiday season is no different. With the lines of offline and online blurring, the undiscerning consumer is using all methods to compare prices and find a bargain. As online shoppers flock to Google looking for money saving deals on their holiday shopping lists, Google is introducing a new way for retailers to incorporate trackable promotional codes in ads across various Google properties - Google Shopping, Google Maps, and the Google Offers app.

Making Mobile Paid Search Work for You

October 1, 2012


Did you know that 66% of smartphone users access the Internet daily?

Mobile has quickly become one of the most versatile marketing channels. As mobile usage continues to rise, so do mobile product searches. Consumers are researching products, performing in-store shopping comparisons, and making purchases from their mobile devices. A recent survey from IBM estimates that mobile sales for the 2012 holiday season will reach 20% of total online shopping sales.

The Human Element of Managing Google Shopping

August 21, 2012

Google Shopping

Google Shopping changes the game for online retailers. Your ads - including Product Listing Ads - should receive daily analysis and hands-on attention. This is the only way to take full advantage of potential growth opportunities to achieve maximum account performance.

New Google "Search As You Type" for Retail Advertisers

August 8, 2012

Search As You Type

In July, Google launched a pilot program for their new Search As You Type search bar for retail advertisers. Employing the power of Google instant search results, retailers can use this feature to enhance their current website's search functionality for free up to 25 million searches annually.

Having better search capabilities on your site can often equate to an uplift in sales - making this new feature worth testing for online retailers. It provides instant search results by matching your onsite user searches to relevant products.

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