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30 Day Countdown to the Urchin Software Retirement

February 28, 2012

Today marks 30 days until Urchin's official retirement on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012.

After March 28th, Urchin licenses and upgrades can no longer be sold and Google will not be producing any further releases or patches. (With this announcement they did release version 7.200, available for free 30-day trial now). Typical Urchin users include educational institutions, government departments and organizations who prefer to keep their data private. Once purchased Urchin licenses are permanent.

Urchin users should be able to continue using the product unless or until their Urchin Software installation becomes unusable due to possible incompatible operating systems updates in the future. For more information regarding the retirement effects and Google recommended alternatives, check out our original retirement post.

Urchin Software is Retiring! Sales End March 28, 2012

February 7, 2012

The date has been officially announced for Urchin's retirement this year: March 28th, 2012.

Once purchased, Urchin licenses are permanent. Existing users should be able to continue using the product unless or until their Urchin Software installation becomes unusable due to possible incompatible operating systems updates in the future. All of the available pertinent information about how the discontinuation will affect the software's functionality is covered on the Urchin Website FAQ.

Urchin licenses and upgrades will only be sold until March 28th, 2012. After March, Google will not be "supporting" Urchin in that they will not be producing any further releases or patches. (With this announcement they did release version 7.200, available for free 30-day trial now).

Live Webinar: What's New About Urchin 7 with Google's Dennis Osmolovski

November 4, 2010

urchin partnerIf you currently own or have ever considered Urchin software, you may be wondering what new benefits version 7 brings to the table. The new features included in Urchin 7 make it a much more powerful tool in terms of processing capabilities and customization for your business needs.

We'll be reviewing what's new at our next LIVE Urchin webinar with special Google guest, Dennis Osmolovski, Urchin Technical Lead.

Hear directly from the Urchin technical lead who worked on this software during development. Dennis will be covering the new features version 7 has to offer you and your business (see the list below). Then after the presentation, you'll have the opportunity to ask him your Urchin questions.

Topic: Urchin 7's New Features, presentation followed by audience Q&A
Date/Time: Thursday, November 11th at 2:00 pm Eastern
Duration: 35-45 minutes

Urchin 7 "First Look" Webinar Report

September 17, 2010

With the new arrival of Urchin version 7, we hosted a "first look" webinar last week with one of our biggest crowds ever. We got multiple requests for a recording or replay of the new features we covered. This recording is now available!

We've already scheduled another LIVE Urchin 7 webinar. Of course the best thing about a live webinar is the audience question and answer portion with our Urchin expert, Jeremy Aube - so we suggest you make room in your schedule to attend the webinar live.

During our last live webinar we noticed a common interest in one of Urchin 7's new features: Permalinks, which allow you to email a link to anyone that will take them directly to a specific Urchin report. Get in on the Q&A action during our next LIVE Urchin 7 webinar.

New Arrival! Urchin 7 Released...Sign up for "First Look" Webinar

September 3, 2010

urchin partnerUrchin version 7 is officially released. We're excited about the launch of this new version of software which has added many super useful analysis features.

But before we get to the new features, we'll explain a little bit about the software and how it's used.

Urchin Software from Google is an enterprise level web analytics solution similar in scope to Google Analytics (Urchin is actually Google Analytics' predecessor), however Urchin is a software installed, hosted, and managed by the customer. Unlike Google Analytics, Urchin is not free (there is a $9,995 license fee) and requires experienced technical staff for installation.

Urchin helps website owners to better understand their online marketing initiatives, website traffic characteristics, and visitor's browsing experience. Those who benefit from Urchin the MOST would be those who prefer to keep their data on machines they control, those who would like to process historical data, those who need their data audited by third parties, and those who would like to track an intranet. Examples of companies who have purchased Urchin in the past are government institutions, large corporations, and universities and colleges.

Now for the good stuff - a few of the new and improved features of Urchin 7 include:

For PPC Beginners ONLY: AdWords Academy online training course

October 6, 2009

Learn how to set up your Google AdWords account step by step from the very beginning. We'll go through each step of campaign creation from keyword research to match types, account structure and setting bids. Each one of these steps done correctly results in saved money and time.

The best part is that this course is for the true AdWords beginner; we'll practically be showing you every button you need to click to get the job done. If you've been putting off starting your own Google AdWords account or have paused it because it was losing money, you'll want to be sure to attend this course and learn to do it the right way.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most cost-effective way to get your products or services in front of your prospects at the precise moment when their interest is at its peak. Over 60% of all US paid search advertising comes from Google AdWords.

Beginner Google AdWords Academy Online Course dates and times:

  • Tuesday, October 27th, 1:30pm ET (This date has passed): Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Thursday, October 29th, 1:30pm ET (This date has passed): Properly Setting Up an AdWords Account
  • Tuesday, November 3rd, 1:30pm ET (This date has passed). Advanced AdWords Features

Each training session lasts approximately 90 minutes, including 20 minutes of Q&A at the end of each session.

New Webinar for Ecommerce Sites ONLY: Optimize Your Product Listings on Shopping Engines

September 5, 2009

Wouldn't you like to know how to optimize your product listings on shopping engines? With today's economy every little bit helps. If you're not already listed on comparison shopping engines such as Amazon and, we'll cover the basics and for those of you who are listed, wouldn't you like to get more out of it?

On Thursday, September 10th, 2009 at 4:00 pm Eastern (1:00 pm Pacific) Timothy Seward, CEO of ROI Revolution, Inc. will host with guest presenters John Kleven, CEO of (pictured left with his Senior Feed Engineer, Andy Hund) a 45 minute presentation detailing how to get your products optimized and listed on comparison shopping engines and marketplaces.

This webinar is ideal for online retailers looking to expand sales. Every day, thousands of consumers visit these popular shopping portals to search for products. Don't miss out on this source of income.

Google Analytics Seminars for Success is coming to Downtown Chicago!

July 20, 2009

logo_gap_seminartm_500x500_AnaOL.png Be sure to take advantage of our LIVE in person Seminars for Success where we share our Google Analytics™ knowledge with you!

When we attend conferences the remark we hear most often is that finding the time for an analytics course is the most difficult part. We also hear that some people just "get it" better IN PERSON. Well, we're always trying to make Analytics training more accessible, so in answer to these comments, we're thrilled to offer Analytics Seminars for Success for those of you who really WANT tracking on your website to get the actionable data you NEED for key business decisions.

Stop letting your schedule get in the way! You can get the training you need during this live event. In these two full day sessions we cover a broad range of topics for those who only need user training on the different reports to implementing regular expressions on the technical side. For a full detailed list of all that's included in each session check out the content for the Introduction and Advanced sessions.

Don't pass up the opportunity to learn from the experts what you have to know about Google Analytics in one (maybe two) days!

--Location and Cost--

The seminar will be at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza. Click here for the street address.

The cost to attend the seminar is $499 each day or $998 for both days. For attending a session you'll receive a $50 AdWords credit (so you'd receive $100 in AdWords credit for attending both sessions; limit 2 per company).

Instruction begins each day at 9am (with registration at 8:45am to get your training materials, the seat of your choice and coffee!) and goes until 5pm with a one hour break at noon for lunch on your own.

Sign up quickly as registration will be limited due to space and the supplies that come packaged with the training seminar such as workbooks and tasty snacks during breaks. Space is restricted but we want YOU, so click over to register for the Seminars for Success! You can register right away, because even if you have to cancel, we can offer you a full refund up to 8 days before the event. After that you can transfer your registration to someone else if necessary.

Don't miss out! Register at least one week in advance to receive the $50 AdWords™ credit ($100 AdWords™ credit if you register for both sessions; limit 2 per company)* Google graciously offers to all Seminars for Success attendees!

Latest Urchin Version 6.6 Ready and Available for Download!

June 29, 2009

Urchin has done it again! Version 6.6 is available for purchase, as an update to your already purchased license and for trial.

Version 6.6 introduces some really great improvements to the software including:

  • A deeper integration with Google AdWords, including Budget Alerts, a Keyword Generation Tool, direct links to AdWords (so you don't have to switch between programs), an Urchin Tag Manager, AdWords Optimizer, and a Copy Campaign Tool!

New Reporting:

  • Time On Site Report under Content Optimization, Content Performance, Engagement Metrics
  • An entirely new reporting section called Advertiser View and Section (If you're upgrading from an older version of Urchin, you'll need to reprocess your data to populate these reports.)
  • Click here for a complete list of Urchin 6 Reports

Last Chance To Attend Miami Google™ Analytics Seminars For Success!

May 31, 2009

Register Before Midnight on Tuesday, June 9th To Save YOUR Seat For The Miami Google Analytics Classroom Training!

One last post before our June 10-11, 2009 seminars in Miami, to remind you that there is still time to take advantage of Seminars for Success, where we share our Google Analytics knowledge with you in person!

Which Google Analytics seminar day is for you?

The Introduction and User Training, on Wednesday, June 10th, is for you if you generate and interpret the reports in Analytics and would like some in depth user training so you can better understand how to really leverage Google Analytics as a powerful website and online marketing reporting tool.

The Advanced Technical Implementation Training, on Thursday, June 11th, is for you if you are the webmaster for your website, are comfortable working with html and javascript, and you either need the technical set up of Analytics explained/shown to you or you have an analytics account, but are not satisfied with the results from a technical setup viewpoint.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A so you can get all your questions answered in a dedicated learning environment.

Google AdWords New Display Ad Builder Webinar

May 14, 2009

There's an awesome new Display Ad Builder available in AdWords!

On Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 at 2:00pm EST (1:00pm CST / 12:00pm MST / 11:00am PST), Timothy Seward, CEO of ROI Revolution, Inc. and Ben Ronnenberg, PPC Account Manager at ROI Revolution will host a 60 minute presenation on the new Display Ad Builder with Special Guest: Ryan Hayward, Google AdWords Product Marketing Manager.

We've been using it for a few months and wanted you to know how you can use it to increase your profits, just like we've done for our clients. Check out the top new features:

  • Don't worry about learning the ins and outs of Photoshop. Google now offers pre-made templates of animated, eye-catching display ads that quickly allow you to add your own custom images and text to suit your business' needs.

    This feature is so powerful that it allowed us to recently double clickthrough rate and increase conversion rates by 33% for one client.

  • You can easily differentiate your product or service from competitors by utilizing your company logo, brand colors, and product images in display ads.

    The Display Ad Builder gives you the ability to create ads with enhanced user functionality, so you can include coupon codes, user interaction, and navigation between images, tabs, & video within your ads.

  • It's fast and free! The Display Ad Builder is free to all AdWords advertisers. Within minutes you can have an ad created and running to test various messages, color schemes, and images at no cost.

In summary, you'll see how the new Display Ad Builder can save you time and money all while boosting your profits!

Don't delay -- this webinar is limited to 1,000 attendees.

Reserve Your Spot for this Complimentary Webinar

LIVE Google Analytics Training Event: June 10th-11th, 2009 in Miami, FL

April 30, 2009

ROI Revolution will be hosting Google Analytics Seminars for Success June 10th and 11th in Miami, Florida.

Google Seminars for Success is officially sponsored by Google. You can trust that you are receiving the most accurate and up-to-date information on the best practices for Google Analytics.

Wednesday, June 10th will be the Introduction and User Training session which helps users explore and understand their data in Google Analytics. Bottom Line: Take this class if you want to learn how to use Google Analytics to improve the results from your website and marketing campaigns.

Thursday, June 11th will be the Advanced Technical Implementation session which covers installation and customization techniques to suit the needs of your business. Bottom Line: Take this class if you are the webmaster and need to learn how to install and optimally configure Google Analytics on your website and are comfortable with html and javascript.

--Location and Cost--

  • The seminar will be at the Embassy Suites Miami - International Airport.
  • The cost to attend the seminar is $499 each day or $998 for both days.
  • For attending a session you'll receive a $50 AdWords credit (so you'd receive $100 in AdWords credit for attending both sessions)

--Date & Agenda--

Wednesday, June 10th: Introduction and User Training

Thursday, June 11th: Advanced Technical Implementation

This session is designed to help users explore and understand their data in Google Analytics.

This session covers installation and customization techniques to suit the needs of your business.

  • Introduction to the Google Analytics Interface
  • - Google Analytics Features
    - Parts of the Interface
  • Understanding Google Analytics Terms and Concepts
  • - Parts of a Visit
    - Profiles
    - Filters
    - Goals and Funnels
  • Best Practices
  • - Data Types
    - KPIs
    - Segmenting Data
    - Trends vs. Accuracy
    - Testing
  • Visitor Reporting
  • - Overview Reports
    - Visitor Information
    - Visitor Interaction
    - Ecommerce
  • Traffic Source Reporing
  • - Overview Reports
    - Direct Traffic
    - Referring Sites
    - Organic Traffic
    - Pay-Per-Click Traffic
    - Custom Traffic Measurement
  • Other Marketing Reports
  • - Landing Pages
    - Ads
    - Advanced Segmentation
    - Custom Reports
  • Testing with Google Analytics
  • - Scientific Method
    - Setting Benchmarks
    - Measuring Results
  • Audience Question & Answer will be taken all day throughout the session.
  • How Google Analytics Works
  • - Architecture and Google Analytics
    - Drawing a Site Map
  • Profiles
  • - Creating Profiles
    - Configuring Profiles
    - Setting up Site Search
  • Adding Tracking Code to the Website
  • - The Basic Code
    - Subdomain Tracking
    - Multiple Domain Tracking
    - Setting up Ecommerce
    - Event Tracking
  • Goals and Funnels
  • - Creating a Goal
    - Setting up a Funnel
    - Regular Expressions
    - Advanced Goal Setup
  • Filters
  • - Exclude Filters
    - Include Filters
    - Search and Replace
    - Advanced Filters
  • Tagging Campaigns
  • - Online Campaigns
    - Offline Campaigns
  • Advanced Tracking Methods
  • - Custom Tracking Parameters
    - Custom Segmentation
    - Changing Session Timeouts
    - Nontraditional Ecommerce
  • Further Customizations
  • - Advanced Filters
    - Javascript Workarounds
  • Additional Tools
  • - Google Website Optimizer
    - FeedBurner
    - Google Webmaster Tools
    - 4Q/Kamplye
    - Urchin
  • Audience Question & Answer will be taken all day throughout the session.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to best use and implement Google Analytics for your site!

Register now to save your seat for the June Google Analytics Seminar for Success in Miami, FL! You can register now in confidence, because even if you have to cancel for any reason, we will refund your money in full until 8 days before the event. After that, you can transfer your registration to someone else, if you need to.

Live Google Analytics Training Event in Miami, FL on June 10th-11th, 2009

April 1, 2009

To help you choose which Google Analytics Seminar for Success session is for you, I've broken down a few characteristics of the audience each session best matches up with below.

Shawn Purtell, above, teaches the Introduction Session.

Wednesday, June 10th is the Google Analytics Introduction and User Training.

You are most suited for this training if you meet any of the following bullets:
  • You are considering using Google Analytics and need an introduction.
  • You are new to an established Google Analytics account and need user training.
  • You are in a marketing role and you need to understand Google Analytics as a reporting tool.
  • You have a configured Google Analytics account already and need to better understand the reports.

Google Analytics Seminar For Success in Miami, FL June 10th & 11th!

March 4, 2009

ROI Revolution is an Analytics Seminar Leader, authorized to conduct LIVE Google Analytics training. We'll be offering two full day seminars in Miami.

The first seminar is to help users explore and understand their data in Google Analytics. The second seminar covers installation and customization techniques to suit the needs of your business. Both sessions feature multiple Q&A sessions so you can get your specific Google Analytics questions answered.

--Location and Cost--

  • The seminar will be at the Embassy Suites Miami - International Airport.
  • The cost to attend the seminar is $499 each day or $998 for both days.


For Beginners Only: Google AdWords Teleseminar with Perry Marshall

January 2, 2009


Perry Marshall and Timothy Seward discuss getting started with Google AdWords and Perry's AdWords Cheat Sheet during a special, one-time only teleseminar on Tuesday, January 13th at 1:30pm EST.

Perry Marshall developed this Google AdWords Cheat Sheet to help AdWords beginners to get started on the right foot, and short-cut the week or month-long learning curve.

Invest just 60 Minutes and...

  • Learn about the 16 Google's Ad Copy Ground Rules from the very beginning - you won't have to figure them out yourself through painful trial-and-error.
  • Get the 8 Steps for Your Basic Google AdWords Setup - after these steps your ads will start running right away!
  • Get the scoop on 8 little-known "Making It Work" strategies! Following these will make sure not only that your ads will KEEP showing but that you'll get good results from those ads, too.
  • Are you confused by all the new terms, like 'Phrase Match', 'Negative Keyword', 'Max CPC', and others? Get a glossary of terms that explain what all of these and other terms mean in plain English.

Space is limited, so sign up for the FREE Google AdWords Cheat Sheet teleseminar now!

DEADLINE APPROACHING: Register for the FIRST EVER Google Website Optimizer Seminar for Success

November 19, 2008

Optimizer.jpgJust a brief reminder that there is still time to register for the FIRST EVER Google Website Optimizer Seminar for Success, where we share our Website Optimizer knowledge with you in person!

Coming to Washington, DC.

When: Thursday, December 4th

Where: Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
5000 Seminary Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22311

Cost: $249

Agenda: The seminar will be a full day from 9am to 5pm with a one hour break at 12pm for lunch. Morning and afternoon refreshment provided.

Topics Covered:

Landing Page Principals
* Testing Basics
* Selecting a Test Page
* Developing Your Value Proposition
* Minimizing Friction and Combating Anxiety
* Design and Layout Principals

A/B and Basic Testing
* Introduction to Google Website Optimizer
* Types of Testing
* A/B Testing Strategies
* Setting up an A/B Test (Live Demo)

Multivariate and Advanced Testing
* Multivariate Experiments
* Setting up a Multivariate Experiment (Live Demo)
* How to Read Results
* Advanced Testing with Google Website Optimizer
* Advanced Tools and Techniques

Audience Question & Answer ALL DAY LONG and much more!

Register By Thursday, November 27th, 2008 to qualify for the $50 AdWords Credit. (Only 8 days away!)

Sign up quickly as seats are limited due to space and supplies, so click over to register today for the Google Website Optimizer Seminar for Success!

Submit a Case Study and WIN!

September 10, 2008

ROI Revolution will be hosting a webinar with special Google representative(s) on the call this fall, and we're looking for a great case study to feature.

Do you have a great case study about how you have used BOTH Google Analytics AND Google Website Optimizer to improve your website? If so, submit it for the chance to win fame and glory!

The Best Case Studies Will Include:

  • Information on how you have used BOTH Google Analytics AND Google Website Optimizer

  • Specific details on the results you achieved through Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer

  • ROI Revolution has helped you in your journey somehow - maybe you took our Google Website Optimizer Training, or Google Analytics Training, or maybe you got a little help from a Support Plan.

  • Deadline:
    Tuesday, September 30th at Midnight

    The WINNING Case Study Will Receive:

  • The company/person with the best case study will be featured prominently on a webinar hosted by ROI Revolution. Since this webinar will include Google representative(s) on the call, there will be a sizable audience who will be exposed to your company and products through the case study.

  • The company/person with the best case study will be included and linked to on the ROI Revolution sign-up page that promotes this case study. For those interested in SEO, the ROI Revolution site has a PR6 so getting a link from us can't hurt!

  • The company/person with the best case study will be featured in email promotions sent to the ROI Revolution email list, which is five-digits strong.

  • The company/person with the best case study will also be featured on this very blog! Not to blow our own horn, but "Unofficial Google Analytics Blog" was listed as one of top web analytics blogs at position #6, so quite a few people will have the chance to hear about your nifty-keen company.

  • Are you the Internet Rock Star we're looking for? If so, submit your case study to contact AT roirevolution DOT com today!

    Google Analytics Classroom-Style Training Coming to Columbus, Ohio!

    August 28, 2008

    October 22-23 will be our Google Analytics User and Implementation Training Seminars in Columbus, Ohio, which you can attend for $249 per day (includes $50 AdWords™ credit*). We'll be at the Embassy Suites right by the airport in Columbus (click here for location).

    We've held a few previous live trainings over the past few months (Thanks to those who attended Raleigh, Chicago and Orlando!). They've all received great feedback and we're eager to present again! We have so much material to cover that I can't possibly list it all here, but there is a content list on the user and implementation registration pages.

    Basically User Training is for you if you generate and interpret the reports all the time and could use some pointers on what reports are really key. And the Implementation Training is for you if you are adding the code to the pages and want new ideas for cracking those sticky setups!

    These trainings are extra special because they're Seminars for Success, an educational program designed by Google to help people learn their products in a classroom setting. Google feels so strongly about this program that they've graciously offer $50 AdWords credits* to all attendees. They also made ROI Revolution Seminar Leaders and we're really proud of that! No kidding around here, you can even see our name and the schedule for these events on Google's site!

    So all that reading aside, what are the main points of this blog post:

    • Live Classroom Google Analytics Training from ROI Revolution (Experienced Google Analytics Experts)
    • October 22-23, Columbus, Ohio, $249 each - Register NOW for either User or Implementation or both!
    • You'll get a $50 AdWords Credit* for showing up!

    Got it? Great, see you in Ohio in October!

    *Promotional credit must be applied to an AdWords account within 30 days of attending a seminar and is valid only for Google AdWords customers with self-managed signup. Advertisers will be charged for advertising that exceeds the promotional credit. Advertisers will need to suspend their ads if they do not wish to receive additional charges beyond the free credit amount. Subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of the Google AdWords Program standard terms and conditions. The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Google Inc. One promotional credit per AdWords account. New advertisers with self-managed signup accounts are subject to an $5 activation fee that will be deducted from the promotional credit. Expires 30 days after Advertiser's registered seminar session. Void where restricted or prohibited by law.

    ROI Revolution Has Moved!

    July 10, 2008

    07.10.08-new-office.jpgROI Revolution is happy to announce our new home!

    We settled into our brand new digs on June 30th, 2008. The new office will better fit our space needs and allow us to grow (we even have a real kitchen now, instead of a 'snack food closet'!). We are excited to welcome new team members soon to better serve demand. We're thrilled with the arrangement and are working on memorizing our new address and phone number.

    If you want to get in touch with us, the new contact information is below:

    Phone: (919) 954-5955
    Fax: 919-954-4767
    Address: 3109 Poplarwood Ct.
    Suite 219
    Raleigh, NC 27604

    Thank you for your continued readership over the years and don't hesitate to call with any questions regarding our ever evolving services!

    Landing Page Magic: Top 3 Tips

    May 14, 2008

    As many of you know, your landing page is the page that visitors see after clicking on one of your ads, such as a Google AdWords ad.

    This page could be part of your website or a special page you created just for this purpose.

    Your landing pages are a core ingredient that can make or break the success of your advertising.

    Why? Because your advertising doesn't exist in a vacuum. On average visitors spend less than 10 seconds looking at a landing page to decide if they want to read more, or click that 'back' button and leave.

    With the rallying cry "Landing Pages Forever!" behind us, we came up with 3 tips for stirring a little magic into your own landing pages.

    1.) The Ad And Landing Page Should Match.

    This may seem like common sense, but in reality you often don't see this. If your ad holds out the tantalizing promise of 10% Off, make sure that same promise is reflected in the landing page headline and content.

    When a visitor is searching for something, they know they have a whole page full of search results just one click away. If your ad-to-landing-page-progression doesn't make sense to them they are just going to move on to the next result.

    2.) Focus On Getting Your Visitors To Do 1 Thing

    While I'm surfing the internet, I often see landing pages that go to either extreme - they don't tell me to do anything, or they try to get me to do a million things. Both of these tactics are confusing and will water down the power of your landing page.

    The key is to decide the one key action you want your visitors to take on this landing page, and then TELL them. Don't make them guess or hunt around!

    Your visitors aren't stupid. Few people give 100% of their attention to reading your landing page. They're also busy worrying if they left the coffee pot on this morning or that big report the boss wants them to finish by the end of the week. Your landing page has to make use of the narrow slice of attention you get and be crystal clear about what they should do.

    3.) Include A Prominent Subscription Form Or Checkout Option

    This ties in to #2. Once you have decided exactly what you want your visitors to do on your landing page, don't make them click around on a massive treasure hunt to do it.

    Make sure they can follow your instructions easily right on the landing page itself. Part of making something easy is making it prominent - don't make the form tiny, or bury it all the way at the bottom of a 10-mile-long landing page.

    ROI Revolution used the Google Website Optimizer Tools to set up an experiment for a client's landing page. After intensive research in his field, his competition, and his ideal customer, we designed a Google Website Optimizer experiment where we tested 3 different headlines, 3 different images, and 4 different button text versions.

    The best combination of the test variables resulted in an improvement of 221% over his original page.

    Now the pay-per-click advertising he is bidding on to drive traffic to that landing page is 221% more effective than it was on the old landing page, and he doesn't have to spend a dime more on his pay-per-click advertising for that sustainable increase.

    ANNOUNCING: Seminars For Success That Will Provide the Classroom Google® Analytics Training to Turn Your Website Into Your Best Salesman!

    February 25, 2008

    Finally, the wait is over! Get your Google Analytics Training in person! Make the most out of your data by analyzing YOUR website's traffic with a fully configured Google Analytics account!

    When? Where? Keep reading, it's all here :).

    Two Days for Two Sessions
    On March 25th and 26th ROI Revolution will be presenting Analytics Seminars for Success in Durham, NC. This two day event will offer one session on each day. March 25th will be the Introduction and User Training Analytics session, while March 26th will be the Advanced Technical Implementation session. You have the opportunity to register for one or both depending on your needs. Click here for more information on what each session covers and which is right for you.

    Limited Acceptance
    Sign up quickly as registration will be limited to the first 40 people to apply for each session. This is a hard limit due to space and the supplies that come packaged with the training seminar such as workbooks and tasty snacks during breaks. Signing up in advance comes with a perk too! Registering by March 18th, 2008 entitles you to a $50 AdWords™ Credit* from Google.

    Location and Cost
    The seminar will be at the Solution Center located in Durham, North Carolina, minutes away from the International RDU Airport. Street address and directions available here. Each day costs $249 or $498 if you register for both sessions. The seminars will be a full day from 8am to 5pm EST. Lunch will not be provided, but morning and afternoon breaks will be offered.

    What's in it for YOU
    Analytics Seminars for Success will help you better leverage the insights found in your Analytics report by covering topics such as setup tips, best practices, and analysis techniques. Seminar leaders will use in-depth course materials, hands-on exercises and valuable tips from their years of managing Analytics accounts to teach you how to achieve your goals.

    We can't wait to share our Google Analytics knowledge with you in person, so register today! Don't miss out on this great event designed to help you get the most out of your website's traffic!

    *Promotional credit must be applied to an AdWords account within 30 days of attending a seminar and is valid only for Google AdWords customers with self-managed signup. Advertisers will be charged for advertising that exceeds the promotional credit. Advertisers will need to suspend their ads if they do not wish to receive additional charges beyond the free credit amount. Subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of the Google AdWords Program standard terms and conditions. The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Google Inc. One promotional credit per AdWords account. New advertisers with self-managed signup accounts are subject to an $5 activation fee that will be deducted from the promotional credit. Expires 30 days after Advertiser's registered seminar session. Void where restricted or prohibited by law.

    Thrilling New Google Analytics Features Unveiled!

    October 16, 2007

    Today at the eMetrics Summit in Washington, D.C. new Google Analytics features were announced, plus an updated version of Urchin software.

    The super-cool new Google Analytics features that were announced all deal with allowing people to be better able to act on their Google Analytics report information, which is fantastic. I mean, that's the core reason why anybody has an analytics in the first place - to help them make improvements.

    Live with Tom Leung of Google: Gaining the Edge with Google Website Optimizer

    August 31, 2007


    Learn how Google Website Optimizer tests can take your site to the Next Level in this New Webinar Being Hosted LIVE!

    Featuring special Google guest Tom Leung!

    Tom Leung is Google's Business Product Manager for Google's Website Optimizer. Previously, Tom was a Product Planner at Microsoft and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    On Tuesday, September 11th at 2pm ET (1 pm PT) ROI Revolution is hosting a *no charge* live Webinar presentation on how to use Google Website Optimizer.

    This free Google software service allows you to test various components of your website to determine what will best increase your conversion rate. Learn from Tom, the Google Website Optimizer genius, which tests can best help you gain the edge over your competition.

    This 60 Minute Free Webinar on Google Website Optimizer Will Cover:

    • How to overcome the odds -- continual website improvements you can do to slingshot past your competition.

    • How to set up a test with Google Website Optimizer in 3 simple steps.

    • 6 tests to run on your site with easy to follow example layouts.

    • Key questions to ask yourself in order to use Google Website Optimizer for valuable improvements.

    So register today for this *totally free* live session. Space is limited.

    Top Three Misconceptions of the New Google Analytics Interface

    June 13, 2007

    Since the new Google Analytics interface has become widely available, the people we talk to generally share a few worries and misconceptions about the new interface and what it means for them. Here are the top three misconceptions about the new interface that we hear:

    Misconception #1: Oh NO - there is no conversion data!

    First of all, take a nice, deep breath. When people start cruising around the new interface, they don't see any conversion data in their reports and have a mini panic-attack. In the old interface you have a handful of set metrics that show up in the right-hand columns on each report, some of which include conversion metrics.

    The reason people can't find the conversion data is because in the new interface you have the 3 tabs:
    'Site Usage' tab
    'Goal Conversion' tab
    'Ecommerce' tab

    Because the 'Site Usage' tab is the first tab you see and it doesn't include conversion data, some people assume there just isn't any conversion data there, period.

    The new format actually gives you a much wider variety of choices on available data, including (but not limited to) conversion data. Surprise! You just have to know where to look.

    Hallelujah! The Best New Google Analytics Feature

    May 23, 2007

    The new Google Analytics interface has so many great new features that using it is almost like a treasure hunt - you never know what you'll discover next!

    Personally, my favorite new feature so far is the email functionality. I don't know about you, but I don't look into Google Analytics nearly as often as I'd really like to (let's keep that between us, though, ok?).

    Apparently I'm not alone. According to a Jupiter report, "Key Performance Indicators - Using Analytics to Drive Action", a stunningly large percentage of companies don't bother to distribute analytic reports to the people within the company who can use them!

    Less then 20% of the companies surveyed distribute analytics data to merchandising departments for review on a regular basis, and only 53% of marketing teams review analytics data. But surely the executives pay attention to the analytics data?

    Actually, only 41% of executives review web analytics data.

    And that is why the new email function is my favorite. You can use the little 'email' button found under the title of the report, and there you will find 3 tabs: Send Now, Schedule, or Add to Existing.

    FREE MONEY! (a.k.a. Google Website Optimizer)

    April 4, 2007

    Google just launched a wildly-super-awesome-incredibly-cool FREE application, the Google Website Optimizer. Can you tell I'm in love?

    The stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg once said, "I have a cheese shredder at home. That's a positive name for a cheese shredder. They don't call it by its negative name, because nobody would buy it: 'sponge-ruiner.'"

    Ok, in the same vein, the positive name for the Google Website Optimizer is 'free money', because if you use it that is what you are going to get. See why I'm in love?

    Top 3 Google Analytics FAQ

    April 2, 2007


    We offer a free webinar and a free mini-course on Google Analytics, and we provide a space in the sign-up form for both where people can type in their most burning questions about Google Analytics.

    This helps us to make sure we are providing information in the webinar and the mini-course that people want, but over time it also has ended up providing a sort of 'Google Analytics Frequently Asked Questions' compilation.

    Here are three of the most frequently asked questions:

    Top 7 Landing Page Strategies

    March 14, 2007


    So you've gotten your Google Analytics account, it is all set up, and you're tracking your paid search advertising. Your results are good, but you want them to be GREAT! What's the next step?

    Getting your landing pages in top form, of course! Here are 7 tips to help start you on the path of better landing pages.

    1. Make sure your ad and your landing page are closely correlated. The guys over at call it a 'scent trail'. These are the same brilliant people who brought us such books as Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? and Call to Action. People need to be able to follow the scent trail and find what they are looking for.

    "If we interrupt our scent trail, we leave our customer stranded. The path she was following becomes a dead end. Where's she supposed to go? Do you really want to trust that she's motivated enough to continue on her own? When it comes to scent trails, dropping the ball is one of the leading causes of site abandonment!"

    2. Set a measurable goal: What do you want people to do on your landing page? Having a measurable goal will help you to quickly and easily determine how well your landing page is working. Your goal could be to have people buy something directly from the landing page, download a report, sign up for a mailing list, etc.

    This way, you can track the performance of your landing page with your Google Analytics account.

    Join Us for Web Analytics Wednesday!

    March 9, 2007

    Sammy'ss.jpgWe're getting together for a casual 'Web Analytics Wednesday' on March 14th for all those web analytics professionals in the North Carolina Research Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) area who would enjoy getting together for a cold beer, some hot wings, and some great chat/networking. We know you're out there!

    From the Web Analytics Association site:

    Web Analytics Wednesday is the world's only distributed networking event for web analytics professionals. Open to everyone, practitioners and vendors alike, Web Analytics Wednesday is a free event allowing you to meet folks with similar work interests.

    It's gonna be at 6pm on Wednesday, March 14th at Sammy's Tap & Grill, which is located on Avent Ferry Road.

    If you're interested, register here so we can make an accurate reservation.

    We're a friendly bunch - come on down and join us for some analytics chit-chat!

    Defining Bounce Rate

    February 6, 2007

    It is easy to take certain words and phrases for granted until something happens to make you question it, kinda like this old joke back from 4th grade:

    "(sniff) My nose is running."
    "Oh, yeah? Where's it running TO? Haha!"

    Ok, that was much funnier in the 4th grade, trust me. Anyways, another word that I have been taking for granted is 'bounce'. This was brought to my attention when several people who are enrolled in our Google Analytics Quick-Start Course asked us about 'bounce' and 'bounce rate'.

    Wikipedia defines a bounce as occurring "when a website visitor immediately leaves a website after viewing only a single page...The Bounce Rate for a website is the number of web site visitors who visit only a single page of a website per session divided by the total number of website visitors."

    Marketing Frame of Mind

    January 30, 2007

    Bryan%20Eisenberg.jpgOne of my favorite quotes that sums up online marketing is from the book Call to Action by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg:

    "Trying to increase sales simply by driving more traffic to a website with a poor customer conversion rate is like trying to keep a leaky bucket full by adding more water instead of plugging the holes."

    I love that! It summarizes the reality of marketing in such a great, visual way. When you put it like that, everybody can see it's such a commonsense approach. Focus on your ROI (return on investment) and conversion rate, and the rest will fall into place easily.

    The Secret to Making Money with Organization

    January 18, 2007

    I'm addicted to organization. It's so satisfying to take a tangled-up mess of a situation (whether it's a shoe closet or a business process) and straighten it out into a neat and tidy condition. Another area of potential organization nirvana has recently come to my attention: Google Analytics.

    Oh, I hear you laughing out there!

    But it's true, and it can have a huge payoff. Comparing all of your online marketing campaigns will be MUCH easier if you remember to organize your marketing efforts from the campaign, medium, and source level.

    Happy Thanksgiving 2006

    November 22, 2006

    The entire team at ROI Revolution would like to extend to you a special greeting at Thanksgiving time to express to you our sincere wishes for a healthy and happy holiday!

    William Cline Receives Google Authorized Analytics Training by ROI Revolution

    November 14, 2006


    William Cline from the Cline Group came out with a press release today that we were extremely proud to be mentioned in. Here is a quote from the press release, "William Cline, Scuba Diving Industry Consultant, Receives Google Authorized Analytics Training by ROI Revolution":

    William Cline receives cutting edge training from a noted Google Authorized Training company, ROI Revolution, for website analytics applications. William says "Being trained by ROI has given me a market advantage in that very few scuba diving companies or tourism boards actually employ sophisticated website and email marketing analytics. I now have those skills to guide my clients better, but more importantly, help them deploy cutting-edge Google analytics technologies."
    We're blushing over here, William!

    It's incredibly satisfying be able to help companies like the Cline Group utilize Google Analytics in order to leverage the potential in their market. Thanks for the kind words, William. We're glad we could help.

    The Dangers of the Dreaded Cookie Cutting!

    November 1, 2006

    cookie_moster2.jpgOnce you jump onto the analytics-bandwagon, its tempting to begin to worry about accuracy. What if visitors delete their cookies? What if they don't have javascript turned on in the first place? Oh NO!!

    Ok, ok... let's calm down and take a look at the situation. Is it really worth all that worry and nail biting?

    A lot of people think so, especially after Jupiter Research announced last month that 58 percent of users delete their cookies regularly, with 40 percent deleting them every month. That news definitely got people a little concerned, but it may not be as important as you think it is.

    The Promise of Overseas Visitors

    October 30, 2006

    Globe.jpgIn general, people don't optimize their website for non-USA traffic. It never crosses many people's mind. Why would it? Who else would be looking for your site, anyway?

    Surprise, surprise - there is a good chance that your site has a substantial number of foreign visitors!

    Just how substantial, though?

    Well, I took a look at the Google Analytics account we have set up for the ROI Revolution site, and the Geo Location report said we had a total of 37,823 visitors for a certain time period. Of those 37,823 visitors, 11,045 where from outside of the United States. That is nearly 30% of the traffic coming to the site!

    Doubtless you are wondering why this even matters.

    The fact is that this is often a great potential market. So many people overlook overseas market that any effort you make to optimize for this audience will probably have a pretty decent impact.Geo Location.jpg

    Depending on your situation, it might be a good idea to offer multiple language versions of your website. At the very least offer international shipping options.

    What have you tried in an effort to market to a specific geographically-oriented market?

    Choosing Who to Bring to the Table

    October 27, 2006

    Soldier.jpgIn the blog article "Start at the Beginning: Making Sense of the Google Analytics Toolbox" I outlined 4 steps to go through before trying to nail down exactly what to track in Google Analytics. What I didn't address was WHO to go through those steps with. Having this discussion with people 'in the know' is key.

    But who exactly is 'in the know'? And what do we want them to know?

    Well, I'm glad you asked!

    I'll give you a hint: it's probably not your executives, or department heads. It's not your PR or IT person.

    It's the ground troops.

    Web Analytics Wednesday in Raleigh, NC

    October 22, 2006

    Sammy'ss.jpgWe've started a regular monthly 'Web Analytics Wednesday' for all web analytics professionals in the North Carolina Research Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) area who would enjoy getting together for a cold beer, some hot wings, and some great chat/networking.

    From the Web Analytics Association site:

    Web Analytics Wednesday is the world's only distributed networking event for web analytics professionals. Open to everyone, practitioners and vendors alike, Web Analytics Wednesday is a free event allowing you to meet folks with similar work interests.

    We're going to host the first event at 6pm on Wednesday, November 8th at Sammy's Tap & Grill, which is located on Avent Ferry Road.

    If you're interested, register here so we can make an accurate reservation.

    The first round is on my boss, Timothy Seward! Haha, liked how smoothly I worked that in, didn't you?

    The (Alleged) Miracle of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    October 16, 2006

    Magic.JPGAndy Beal over at Marketing Pilgrim is running a Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Contest.

    I decided to give it a whirl, and came up with the following article: The (Alleged) Miracle of Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

    This article discusses the tendency to lean on pay-per-click advertising just a little too heavily. Sure, it can work wonders, but there are a lot of other aspects to online advertising that all work together to create a truly great campaign.

    Here's a short excerpt:

    Thomas Jefferson said "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it." With a little "luck" maybe you can turn that PPC campaign into a magic wand, after all.

    Good luck to all the contestants! I've certainly enjoyed reading everybody's articles, and I've learned a thing or two in the process.

    We Want YOUR 2 Cents!

    October 13, 2006

    2 cents.jpg Over here at ROI Revolution, Michael Harrison and I have been brainstorming ways to make the Google Analytics Training Webinar we offer even better and more beneficial to those who attend. The Training Webinar focuses on interpreting the reports within Google Analytics and explaining what information you can get out of those reports.

    Currently we have the webinar organized by the sections in Google Analytics: Marketing Optimization, Content Optimization, and E-Commerce Analysis.

    But we began to think "Maybe It would be better to organize this webinar based on the things people are really going to use Google Analytics for!" and the more we thought about it the more we liked that idea.

    Online Marketing
    With this example, we would list the major reports in Google Analytics that would help somebody trying to do effective online marketing, like the All CPC Analysis report.

    So now we would like to ask YOU, our readers: what activities would you like to see addressed in a Google Analytics Training Webinar?

    Start at the Beginning: Making Sense of the Google Analytics Toolbox

    September 21, 2006

    toolbox.jpg I have a confession to make. I'm not really 'Mrs. Fix-it', if you must know. Oh, I can use a hammer and a screw driver to do basic stuff like hang a picture, but hand me a toolbox crammed with exotic and complex tools and I'll just stand there with a perplexed look on my face (You should have seen the time I tried to set up a lofted bed back in college...).

    I've noticed that something similar happens to people when they get Google Analytics set up. There are so many gleaming reports, so many options, so many numbers running around on the screen that you're left standing there wondering, "Ok...Now what?"

    The best way to prevent this is to sit down with the appropriate people in your company and figure out what you really want to get out of Google Analytics.

    See, that sounds so simple, doesn't it? Well, I hate to break this to you, but it's a little harder than that (although I wish it wasn't).

    The first thought most people have is to say they want more traffic coming to their website. However, I'd like to argue that what they REALLY mean is that they want more BUSINESS.

    Classic Combo: Google Analytics & PPC

    September 12, 2006

    Yin Yang.jpg
    Peanut butter and jelly, a picnic and ants, a dinner and a movie... some things just go better together. Google Analytics and pay-per-click advertising are definitely on the list of things that naturally pair well!

    A famous quote by John Wanamaker helps to illustrate just why they go together so well: "I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half."

    Well, Google Analytics helps you to break down just how well your pay-per-click advertising is working and literally tells you where you are wasting money, and making money! Here's a run-down of some of the reports to keep handy as you optimize your pay-per-click campaigns:

    The (Fantastic) Reasons for Not Overlooking Abandonment Rates

    August 28, 2006

    AbandonmentRate.jpg What a good point! Avinash Kaushik recently posted in his blog, Occam's Razor, about the importance and the possible impact of abandonment rates.

    Think about this: have you ever seen somebody load up their cart with groceries at the supermarket, wheel up to the checkout lane, wait in line, make it up to the cashier... and just walk away? Just leave their cart full of groceries sitting there in the checkout lane and walk out the door?

    I sure haven't! But that is almost exactly what happens with online shopping cart abandonment. In the online world it is a little more complicated, but putting an item in a shopping cart still indicates a serious interest in purchasing that item.

    Kaushik points out that "depending on the cost of items you sell on your website each percent point of abandonment could represent tens of thousands to millions of dollars per month in revenue."

    And it's true!

    When people abandon their shopping cart that is money left on the table. That makes optimizing your checkout procedure (or lead capture process, download process, or any other online process) for reduced abandonment an immensely rewarding practice!

    The Free Google Analytics Webinar we host has an entire section dedicated to tips on how to reduce shopping cart abandonment (We call it the 'Pure Profit' section, because that's what you'll earn more of when you reduce your abandonment rates). If you are interested in receiving some tips in addition to those Kaushik outlines in his article, stop on by and sign up for our free webinar today!

    Google's Latest Thrilling Surprise - Google Analytics is Open to EVERYONE!

    August 15, 2006

    FIREWORKS!.jpgWe're thrilled to spread the exciting news - Google Analytics is now open to everyone! No more waiting around for invitation codes! (I can hear the huge sigh of relief that is sweeping the nation from my computer chair!)

    The awesome Google team has been diligently working toward this since Google Analytics was offered for free (surprise, surprise!) this past November. Some great new features and a lot of additional capacity later, and they did it!

    Personally, I can't wait to see how the online world progresses 6 months from now, a year from now, five years from now, and beyond. With such a powerful analytics tool available to everyone, from a business owner with a website all the way to a kid with a personal blog, interesting and thrilling things are on the horizon!

    Buckle your seatbelts, and let's see where this goes...

    Nagging Problems with Home Page A/B Testing

    July 21, 2006

    In past articles, such as Profitable Content network bidding in Google AdWords using the new AdWords Analysis report, we discuss how to use Google Analytics to conduct A/B split tests.

    Google Analytics defines A/B split testing as "Testing the relative effectiveness of multiple versions of the same advertisement, or other content, in referring visitors to a site."
    An excellent article was recently written by Matthew Roche in Conversion Chronicles, "Do Your Home Page Tests Flop? We Know Why...", which outlines the four major obstacles to getting your A/B split tests on your homepage to work correctly.

    The fact is that most companies make their first foray into live testing by showing two versions of a home page (often one for a week, then another). And sadly, many of these folks find that both versions perform equally well (or equally poorly).

    Special E-Commerce Article: The Promise of Product Merchandising

    July 17, 2006

    Our last newsletter included a survey which asked people what kind of site they have, and as of the date of this writing a whooping 75% of those who answered have an e-commerce site! Taking that into account, let's discuss the Product Merchandising section of Google Analytics, which shows up under the E-Commerce Analysis tab.

    BLOG - Product Performance report.jpg The Product Keyword Correlation report is especially exciting: this shows you directly inside the thought process of your customers! This report correlates product purchases on the site back to the original keywords used in a search. So this answers the question when customers search for your products, did they search under the product's brand name, a description, an attribute? What were they looking for? Once you understand this, you can directly address the customer's needs in their own language. This report can also be used as an idea-generator for PPC keyword discovery.

    The Product Performance report offers a wealth of information, including the number of items sold, the total revenue, the average price, and the average order quantity for each product you sell online. This makes it possible to do very interesting things, such as testing site elements or promotions to see how they impact specific products. If you owned a candle store, assume in June you sold 1.2 candles per average transaction. Then in July you launched a promotion where you could get 3 candles for $29.95, when individual candles sell for $12 apiece. During this promotion you sell an average of 1.9 candles per average transaction, which you tracked with the Product Performance report.

    Exciting News for Yahoo! Store Owners: Find Out How You Can Finally Use Google Analytics

    July 13, 2006

    Previously, Yahoo! Store owners couldn't use Google Analytics in conjunction with their stores to capture e-commerce data such as which keyword phrases are profitable, but that has all changed! The team at Monitus LLC has developed a tool that makes it possible to use Google Analytics with a Yahoo! Store.
    Yahoo! Blog 3.jpg
    This is incredibly exciting since this is the ONLY tool that will allow you to successfully use Google Analytics in conjunction with your Yahoo! Store. This will finally allow all the Yahoo! Store owners out there to track which keyword phrases are profitable so that you can really target your search phrases using both organic and paid search.

    Which Links Do What: Why It Matters and How to Figure It Out

    July 10, 2006

    The Site Overlay report in Google Analytics is great for showing the value of the links within your site. Great - I know the percentage of visitors that click on the 'Contact Us' link... but which 'Contact Us' link did they really use? The Site Overlay report doesn't count each link going to a certain destination separately.

    All of the links going to one place get added to the overall count since the report cannot differentiate between links on different spots on the same page. For example, on the homepage of we had four links going to the page where people can sign up to attend a free webinar. Each of these four links used to have the same stats when we studied it in the Site Overlay report. That is until we made a slight change...

    So wouldn't it be nice to know which link most people actually click to sign up for that webinar? Knowing this information can provide a valuable glance into a visitor's mind, especially when the links you are inspecting are those links visitors use to convert to one of your site's goals!

    Getting the Full Value of Google Analytics: The Importance of Monetizing Your Goals

    May 23, 2006

    Google Analytics is so customizable it can sometimes be challenging to decide exactly what the best route to take for your situation would be. When you set up Google Analytics, the call on whether or not to monetize your goals can be one that is particularly baffling, but it doesn't have to be.

    I'll spell it out: if you don't have a straight-up e-commerce site, monetize your goals. You'll be glad you did!

    If you DO have e-commerce enabled, then there are a total of 81 reports available in Google Analytics, and 43 of those reports contain financial information. So 53% of the total number of reports offered use financial data to convey complete sets of data. Plus, this is data you really want - - what the return on investment is on a certain campaign or your revenue from that transaction, etc.

    Ok, so far everybody out there is nodding their heads saying, "Yeah, that's common sense for an e-commerce site! Tell me something I don't know".

    Continual Conversion Rate Improvement Part II

    April 28, 2006

    In the previous article, 'Continual Conversion Rate Improvement Part I', I talked about how optimizing a website's conversion rate can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Improving your conversion rate is an on-going process, not a quick fix. Every little thing matters, and so it pays to pay attention to the details. Discount Tire found out just how true this is.

    This quote is from the case study "How Discount Tire boost sales with Google Analytics" on Internet Retailer:

    Discount Tire used Google Analytics to determine, for example, the most effective language to use in its checkout process. By replacing the note on its checkout button from "Purchase and make a reservation" to "Check out and make a reservation," it led to a 14% increase in sales in a single week, says e-business supervisor Mike Bolland.

    Continual Conversion Rate Improvement Part One

    April 26, 2006

    As you may know, conversion rate is the percentage of people who complete a certain action on your site like making a purchase or submitting a form. The conversion rate is one of the ways to accurately measure just how well your site is performing its job.

    Improving conversion rate has a huge impact: raising the conversion rate from 1% to 2% would represent a 100% increase in goal completion. For an e-commerce site, that would mean double the revenue! When you increase your conversion rate, you get more sales from your existing traffic which saves on marketing expenses, customer acquisition cost goes down, and the customer retention rate goes up.

    The Definition and Importance of a 'Scenario'

    March 30, 2006

    The definition of what an online 'scenario' is depends on whether you ask a techie or a marketer. Bryan Eisenberg recently wrote an outstanding article on this subject, "What Exactly is a Scenario?" that outlines the different views on what a scenario is and the key components of the persuasion scenario.

    In his article, the 'techie' definition of a scenario "is a series of steps a visitor must take to complete a funnel process", and the marketer thinks "in terms of narrating how a visitor could participate in a conversion action".

    How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Google AdWords Ad Creatives

    March 24, 2006

    Update 7/12/2006: With the introduction of the Google Analytics "AdWords Analysis" report, the methodology described below is no longer necessary to track AdWords Ad Creatives using A/B Split tests. Instead, please refer to our post about using the new AdWords Analysis report (be sure to scroll closer to the bottom of the article to learn about tracking AdWords ad creatives using A/B split tests).

    No matter the goal of your Google Adwords campaign one thing is always necessary; constant optimization! While Google's "Auto Tagging" option is an easy way to get basic tracking data, with just a little more effort it is possible to take your tracking to a higher level!

    By adding additional tracking codes to your referral URL link and turning off auto tagging, you are able to drill down even further in Google Analytics, allowing you to make the most out of every advertising dollar.

    UTM, which stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor, are tags which are added to the end of your destination URL in order to add specific data to your paid tracking within Google Analytics. These tags identify such variables as campaign, source, medium, content, and search term.

    Currently with the Google AdWords "Auto Tagging" feature the utm_content variable identifies each ad by the first line of text. This can cause problems if you are trying to implement A/B split testing because Auto-Tagging simply passes the ad text headline to the utm_content variable. This makes it impossible to differentiate tracking data from two different ads that share the same headline.

    The Conversion Rate Hype: What's the Real Deal?

    March 20, 2006

    Why is conversion rate (or the percentage of your traffic that completes a purchase) being bandied about like it is the new panacea for web analytics? Is it really all that great? The first thing to look at is there are three main ways to increase the revenue coming from your website: increase the traffic, increase spending level, or increase the conversion rate.

    The main reason to increase traffic is the assumption that the percentage of people who make purchases will remain stable and so more traffic means more people making purchases, which isn't always the case. Most ways for increasing traffic cost money: pay-per-click campaigns, banner ads, promotions, public relation campaigns, etc.

    Increasing the level of spending entails getting your current customers to spend more. Sounds great, doesn't it? This can be done in a variety of ways like packaging services or products or cross-selling.

    Avoiding the Dreaded One-Page Visit

    February 27, 2006

    Getting to the top of the organic or even the pay-per-click search list isn't the end of the battle - it's only the beginning. Think about the way you search online; you type in a phrase in the query box, and you click on the most promising result on the first page. Once you hit that first page, if it isn't immediately apparent that you have found what you're looking for, then you hit the back button and try the next result. So how do you get people to stop at your site, and not hit that back button for the next result?

    Reaping the Full Potential of Google Analytics

    February 24, 2006

    According to a Jupiter report, Key Performance Indicators - Using Analytics to Drive Action, a stunningly large percentage of companies don't bother to distribute analytic reports to the people within the company who can use them!

    Less then 20% of the companies surveyed distribute analytics data to merchandising departments for review on a regular basis, and only 53% of marketing teams review analytics data. But surely the executives pay attention to the analytics data?

    Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

    January 23, 2006

    If you have set up your goals in Google Analytics, then one report that can provide some incredibly useful information is the 'Defined Funnel Abandonment' report. If you need some help setting up your goals, take a look at an earlier article, "How To Set Up Goals In Google Analytics". This report tells you what percentage of visitors that begin a defined funnel process abandon it.

    Crummy Conversion Rate Epidemic!

    January 17, 2006

    The retail industry average conversion rate is a measly 1.8%, according to Research. Many people are pleased with a 2% conversion rate from their website because of the average 2% conversion rate that direct mail usually nets, which Robbin Steif points out in the article that appeared on the Web Analytics Association website, "Why your 2% conversion rate is so lousy".

    Tips on How to Use Google Analytics to Optimize Your Conversion Rate

    January 11, 2006

    Google Analytics is a phenomenally powerful tool, and every tool must be used towards some end goal. It is tempting to assume that the end goal is to get as many visitors to your site as possible, assuming that more people mean more conversions. More is not necessarily better, though!

    Is There A Magic Metric?

    January 9, 2006

    It wasn't that long ago that pageviews were the hottest metric to hit town, and everybody was talking about how 'sticky' their site was. Today, we realize that getting somebody to your site is still a long way from accomplishing a goal. Conversion rate is quickly becoming the new hot metric, but is this metric any better than pageviews were?

    How to Set Up Goals In Google Analytics

    January 5, 2006

    Based on what is important to you, create a list of the goals for your site. Keep in mind there are only 4 slots for separate goals and that goals are intended to help you watch key areas of interest, not your whole site. It is much better to concentrate on the few really important variables then many trivial variables.

    How Often Do You Check What Is Important?

    January 2, 2006

    In the previous article "What Should Be Tracked?" we discussed how to figure out what to track on your company's 'dash-board' and single out the reports within Google Analytics that apply to your website. So now that you know what to watch, now you need to know how often to check on it. The man who looks at his gas gauge once a month soon finds himself on the side of the road, wishing he had glanced down a little more often!

    What Should Be Tracked?

    December 30, 2005

    What you track and the reports you pay attention to within Google Analytics depends on the goals of your site. Google Analytics has over 80 reports, and only a small percentage of those reports provide truly relevant information and give value for your site. Every site has a unique set of goals based on the main function of the site, and these goals will help you to pick the reports that really matter for your specific website. If your site is a retail site, then one of your main goals might be to increase your conversion rate of visitors to customers from 1% to 2%. That might not sound like a big difference, but that would be a 100% increase in revenue!

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