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ROI Revolution Seeks a World-Class Digital Marketer to Join the Team (Orlando, Florida)

October 21, 2015

ROI Revolution has an immediate opening for a world-class digital marketing pro with strong paid search and display advertising experience for our Orlando, FL office.

Although we like to stay under the radar, ROI Revolution is one of the top ecommerce-specialized digital marketing agencies in the world, managing hundreds of  millions yearly in paid search and display advertising spend for online retailers.  No digital agency in North America that we know of has more expertise or more Google certified analysts.

Even with our ecommerce focus, a strong portion of our business has always come from businesses with a longer sales cycle.  Every month, our analysts profitably manage multiple millions of dollars of ad spend to generate new leads for these clients. Deep expertise in analytics is crucial when a sale can take months instead of minutes.  We have it.  And you can leverage it in this role.

Consider the Benefits of Google’s Trusted Stores

September 4, 2012


Google Trusted Stores is designed to help customers easily find merchants who offer a superior online shopping experience.

Google is making an extra push to expand their Trusted Stores program with the roll out of Google Shopping. This badge will be shown next to your listings across Google properties, including the new Google Shopping.

Google also provides $1,000 purchase protection for all Google Trusted Stores as reassurance to shoppers.

Top 3 PPC Failure Points

June 4, 2012


While there’s seldom one simple problem that defines under-performing AdWords campaigns, the following 3 PPC failure points are among the more common we uncover when performing AdWords account reviews:

Extend Your Best Season with Remarketing

February 13, 2012

remarketRemarketing can extend your busy season by giving you access to your past website visitors after they leave your site. However, without a thoughtful implementation, your remarketing effectiveness is severely crippled.

Here are three tips to get you started:

PPC Ad Writing Contest by Marketing Experiments

January 30, 2012

champ-trophyOur friends at Marketing Experiments are working with one of our clients on their marketing content strategy. They’re inviting everyone to compete in this creative experiment.

Read about their Ad Writing Contest and then submit your best entry as a comment to their blog post.

From their post:
The trouble with a content strategy is that it is very difficult to create content, and very difficult to predict what content will resonate with your customers.
You could spend a lot of time creating high-quality content only to find out later that another approach would have been more profitable.
To help provide clarity to their content strategy, we are going to run some PPC ads to ‘take the temperature,’ in a sense, of the people who are searching…

The results of this experiment will guide their content strategy, but I’m sure we’ll end up testing a few of the winners in the rest of their paid search campaigns as well.

The winner will be announced during their next web clinic on February 1st, 2012: Online Advertising Forensics: We investigate how and why a text-based PPC ad produced 47% more conversions. Click the link to sign up for this free clinic!

Google Privacy Policy Overhaul: Reflections for Online Marketers

January 25, 2012

privacy defnGoogle’s upcoming privacy policy overhaul addresses two themes:

1. Providing users with more intuitive functionality across Google properties (Search, Gmail, YouTube, etc.), and
2. Providing advertisers with more relevant targeting options across Google properties.

The key distinction here is “across Google properties.”
While the most privacy-conscious users may be concerned with the changes, for advertisers there is nothing but upside. Google’s updated privacy policy opens the door to more cost-effective targeting to your most responsive traffic across Google properties and devices.

YouTube TrueView Video Ads: Only Pay For Interested Viewers

November 29, 2011

youtubemagnifyFor updated information on AdWords for Video, please see our blog post AdWords for Video and YouTube: Is It Right for Retailers?

YouTube has launched a new ad format out of beta: TrueView Video Ads. The basic concept is that the user has a choice whether or not to continue watching the ad. The advertisers only pays when the user watches at least 30 seconds of the ad (or to completion, whichever comes first).

This new format is referred to as a TrueView in-stream ad. Long-form YouTube videos are eligible for the TrueView in-slate ad format. With in-slate, the user is given a choice to either watch a longer commercial video ad before the primary video begins, or see regular commercial breaks during the video.

According to Google’s onesheet on TrueView (pdf), in-stream ad viewers choose to watch an ad 15-45% of the time. Some advertisers have seen 3-4x higher CTR’s with TrueView than with other video ad formats.

YouTube Promoted Video Ads are being renamed “TrueView in-search” and “TrueView in-display” depending on where they show.

Such a shift in video ad delivery is sure to start affecting how video ads are composed. Advertisers need to front-end-load the “interesting” parts to entice the viewer to watch. Also, given that you only pay when someone chooses to watch the video, the proportion viewers from your ideal target audience will be higher.

Google Plus One: How AdWords Advertisers Can Prepare

April 13, 2011

plusoneGoogle recently announced the launch of their latest social initiative: Google +1 (Plus One).  Still in beta, Google +1 consists of a tiny icon next to each and every organic and paid search listing that, when clicked, communicates your stamp of approval for others to see.

Google +1 has strong implications for all AdWords campaigns — the number of “+1’s” will show alongside each ad, which is sure to increase the clicks.  Yet there is one important nuance to this that is sure to leave many advertisers unprepared…

Remarketing: Recycle Your Web Traffic

November 11, 2010

recycle your web traffic Remarketing is perhaps the hottest online marketing topic of 2010, especially since it is now “available to the masses” as a feature of Google AdWords.

The concept isn’t too difficult to understand — with remarketing you can tag anyone who visits a page on your site and then show them your ads when they are browsing the Internet.  Since they have already been to your site, these ads usually have some extra pull.

While you can set up and launch a remarketing campaign within Google AdWords with relative ease, there are definitely some strategies you’ll want to employ.

Here are a couple to get you started:

How to Place Ads on YouTube with Google AdWords: Part 2

June 14, 2010

For updated information on AdWords for Video, please see our blog post AdWords for Video and YouTube: Is It Right for Retailers?


In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to launch YouTube promoted videos through Google AdWords.  When you promote one of your videos, you are paying YouTube to funnel more traffic to the video… but the traffic still stays on YouTube.  (Of course, you can include a call-to-action link in your video that goes to your website, but that is more a feature of the video than a specific advertising strategy.)

You probably want to do more than just get people to watch one of your videos in an environment controlled by YouTube.  You want to get people to come to your website where they can take a desired action and you can make money.

There are multiple ways you can get your ads to show on YouTube searches, inside and alongside other people’s videos.  With the right targeting, this can be a very profitable way to take advantage of YouTube’s enormous amount of traffic.

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