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Top 3 PPC Failure Points

June 4, 2012


While there's seldom one simple problem that defines under-performing AdWords campaigns, the following 3 PPC failure points are among the more common we uncover when performing AdWords account reviews:

1. Default Settings Atrophy
Google's default AdWords settings are great for businesses spending under $1,000/mo. Yet as racecars don't have automatic transmissions, neither should high spending AdWords accounts in competitive markets be using Google's default settings.

2. Display Advertising Atrophy
Many retailers have tried and failed with display advertising. Blanket targeting options burn through cash while attracting visitors that don't convert to customers.

Change is in the air, and astute retailers are profiting. New enhanced targeting options focus more on audiences than placements. The biggest breakthroughs have been through the addition of targeting options such as Interest Category Targeting, Topic Targeting, and Remarketing.

3. Website Atrophy
It is a brutal fact that every retail industry has 3-4 top players that dominate their PPC landscape in AdWords. Their ads are always seen while dozens of other businesses are struggling to simply make the minimum first page bid.

You may be fighting the wrong battle. The place you will gain your biggest competitive edge is often on the other side of the click. Incidentally, our clients often express a key benefit to outsourcing their PPC is the new focus available to optimize everything that occurs after the click.

Take the next step. Ecommerce retailers spending at least $500/mo. in AdWords qualify for a free 20-minute Google AdWords account review.

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