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Why You Need a Google+ Business Page

March 29, 2012

google plus iconIt’s hard to miss the cynicism associated with Google+, Google’s social network. With all the commotion about its rivalry with Facebook, don’t miss out on its integral role in your business and paid search ads.

Google+ Business Pages are a must for online advertisers.
With the new interaction Google+ has with paid search results, creating and maintaining a Google+ Business Page can give your company additional credibility with searchers. By taking a few extra steps after creating your page, you can link your Google+ Page with your website and your Google ads.

Why would you want to link your Google+ Business Page to your ads and website you ask?
Well, Google now aggregates the total of all the +1’s you have received across all platforms. By linking them, a +1 from someone who visited your website can now show up when your ad is triggered on the Google Search Network. This allows your +1 total to grow quicker while giving your ads more authority.

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