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New Arrival! Urchin 7 Released…Sign up for “First Look” Webinar

September 3, 2010

urchin partnerUrchin version 7 is officially released. We’re excited about the launch of this new version of software which has added many super useful analysis features.

But before we get to the new features, we’ll explain a little bit about the software and how it’s used.

Urchin Software from Google is an enterprise level web analytics solution similar in scope to Google Analytics (Urchin is actually Google Analytics’ predecessor), however Urchin is a software installed, hosted, and managed by the customer. Unlike Google Analytics, Urchin is not free (there is a $9,995 license fee) and requires experienced technical staff for installation.

Urchin helps website owners to better understand their online marketing initiatives, website traffic characteristics, and visitor’s browsing experience. Those who benefit from Urchin the MOST would be those who prefer to keep their data on machines they control, those who would like to process historical data, those who need their data audited by third parties, and those who would like to track an intranet. Examples of companies who have purchased Urchin in the past are government institutions, large corporations, and universities and colleges.

Now for the good stuff – a few of the new and improved features of Urchin 7 include:

  • An all new reporting interface.
  • For Urchin servers with the processing power, Parallel Profile Processing can give you a way to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to process your profiles.
  • The ability to segment your report data on the fly using Advanced Segments.
  • Event tracking is now available in Urchin 7.
  • More flexible Geolookup, allowing you to specify the level of geographic detail on a Global scale.
  • The Urchin Data API version 2 has been significantly enhanced allowing for many more filters to segment your data.

We’ll touch on all these features, plus the tried and true reports in Urchin along with pricing and upgrade information during our Urchin 7 “First Look” Webinar.

Be sure to save your seat for Friday, September 10th, at 2pm Eastern, for a look at the capabilities of the latest and greatest version of Urchin.

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