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Google Launches Enhanced CPC

August 17, 2010

enhanced cartoonGoogle released their latest addition to the bidding features family – Enhanced CPC. It’s been in beta since March, but Enhanced CPC officially launched yesterday, August 16th.

The premise of the tool, much like Conversion Optimizer, is to “boost your ROI with an easy to use, automated bidding tool.” Enhanced CPC will automatically adjust your max CPC bid based on the likelihood your ad will convert.

GARE: Updated Google Analytics Dimensions Drop-down

August 9, 2010


If you’ve been following GARE since the beginning, you know that the very first thing GARE ever did was add additional dimensions to the segment (now dimension) drop-down and make these available for nearly every report. As time moved on, more and more segments were added, and the list began to get rather long and unwieldy.

Well, a few weeks back, the dimensions drop-down in Google Analytics underwent a fairly major overhaul. If you haven’t seen it yet, it looks something like this:

new dimension drop-down

Clicking the above image will display a larger, more readable image.

I’d like to point out several excellent features in the new drop-down:

Introducing Image Search Ads

August 4, 2010

If you’ve used Google Image Search at all recently, you’ve probably noticed that things are looking a bit different thanks to a redesign launched by Google last week. The images are grouped closely together, which allows more results to be displayed on the page. If you mouse over a specific image, the image expands out to a larger size with its source displayed below it. After you click an image, you are sent directly to the destination page with the image overlaid at full size. Most exciting for us with the new Google Image Search redesign is the introduction of a new ad format – Image Search Ads!

Image Search Ads allow you to target the millions of users searching Google images. The ads combine text with basic images, which creates more relevant ads that grab the user’s attention. I did a quick search for shoes, and this is what showed up:

Notice the Image Search Ads from and, with simple images of shoes that are very similar to the search results.

So, why should you use the new Image Search Ad format?

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