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Refresh Rate: the latest addition to the GARE

August 5, 2009

Img-water.gifAs some of you may have noticed (Amit), there has recently been a new addition to the Google Analytics Report Enhancer. Refresh Rate is a new metric that was conceived of by Caleb Whitmore of Google Analytics Authorized Consulting firm Analytics Pros. This metric gives you a great way to measure user engagement at the pageview level. I could say more, but Caleb has written a fantastic post that gives the whole story on Refresh Rate, of which the inclusion into the Report Enhancer is but a small part.

Now that Refresh Rate has joined the GARE family, it’s a great time to download the latest version of the Report Enhancer. Here are the steps:

  1. Get Firefox
  2. Get Greasemonkey
  3. Get the GARE

The latest updates to the GARE include:

  • Refresh Rate
  • New Dimensions:
    • Market (Thanks to Caleb again for this one)
    • Hour of the day
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
  • Additional Segments for Secondary Segmentation and Pivot Tables
  • Improved Advanced Segment handling
  • Improved Data Sampling Handling
  • Deselect All Visits for two or more Advanced Segments

And just in case that wasn’t enough for some of you (Amit), I’m planning on doing another post either late today or early tomorrow to reveal a new Greasemonkey script that I’ve decided to release independently of the GARE for now. So you may want to stay tuned :)

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