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Have You Used Google’s New Wonder Wheel?

June 10, 2009

A few weeks ago our agency received an update that Google released a new tool called Wonder Wheel. I could not help but conjure up all these funny images related to wheel of fortune. After a training session with our Google team, I realized that even with a funny name, this was a very powerful keyword tool.


Here’s how to find Google’s new Wonder Wheel:

When a searcher types a query into Google a new Show Options link now appears


After clicking the Show Options link a new list of options will populate on the left hand side of the browser window. At the very bottom of the list is the link to the new Wonder Wheel tool

Picture 2 jpeg.jpg

Click the link and a Wonder Wheel will automatically populate for the query currently being searched~

Picture 3 jpeg.jpg

Click any of the “legs” of the Wonder Wheel to get an even more refined wheel~

Picture 4 jpeg.jpg

While searches can use the Wonder Wheel to help narrow their search results, there is a plethora of different ways that advertisers can use this tool to optimize their AdWords campaigns:

Creating New campaigns: If you are starting a campaign from scratch, using this tool can help you decide how to organize your campaigns. Using each leg of the wheel can be a great starting point for creating ad groups. The legs of the wheel are partially based on search volumes, but you will want to also reference Google’s keyword tool as well as other resources to get keyword ideas.

Negative Keywords: Google obviously views these keywords as related, so if you see terms that you do not want to advertise on then add them as negative keywords! This is Google’s way of giving advertisers more transparency as to how their expanded broad match works. Before adding broad match keywords to your account be sure to reference this tool to ensure you do now show for any highly irrelevant terms.

Building Out Content Campaigns: This tool can be very useful in developing content campaigns. Use each leg of the wheel to build out uniquely themed ad groups for your content campaigns. Then write highly targeted ads around those themes. We’ve recently learned it’s best practice to use 4-6 broad match keywords in content ad groups.

Additional Keywords: If your campaigns have been on autopilot for a while, it’s highly likely that your keywords lists are a bit stale. Use this tool to add fresh new keywords to your campaigns.

Ads are being shown next to each generated Wonder Wheel, so adding the relevant queries found by researching with this tool will bring you additional clicks and hopefully conversions! The ad auction for these clicks works in the exact same way as regular clicks.

Hopefully you will find this new tool as useful as I do. Remember to use it in your searches as well as your adwords optimization!

Are you or is your outsourced provider maximizing the results from your Google AdWords account using tools like the new Google Wonder Wheel?

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