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Get ga.js code for your Google Website Optimizer experiments

January 9, 2009

roi_logo.gifAs part of the expanding scope of the Google Analytics Report Enhancer, you will now be able to see the ga.js equivalent code for your Google Website Optimizer experiments.

In addition, I have also added checkboxes that will allow many of your to quickly modify your code for tracking across subdomains and/or multiple domains. These options will also be available whenever you create new profiles in Google Analytics or check the status of your profile data.

This is an extension of Shawn’s valuable post on installing Website Optimizer if you use Google Analytics. The Google Analytics Report Enhancer can simplify this process, but you should still refer to the post for additional details on where everything goes, how everything works, and handling specific situations.

If you need the latest version of the GAREnhancer, click here.

The GAREnhancer is a Greasemonkey script. If you don’t have Greasemonkey, you can get it by clicking here.

If you have no clue what the GAREnhancer does, you can read the original article by clicking here

I have also added a feature to alert you if a critical update for the script is available. If you see the words “Update Needed!” next to the Report Enhancer logo in the header, you can click them to download the latest version of the script. Once you’ve installed the updated script and refreshed the page, the image should no longer be visible.

There’s probably a lot of ways this new feature can be improved, so leave a comment if you think something else should be added, or if you found this script particularly useful.

If you would like some additional help with the topics discussed today, you might want to check out the versatile Support Plans we offer.

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