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Website Optimizer Wednesdays – Landing Page Relevance

November 3, 2008


Last weekend I was at Barnes & Noble looking for a book on editing RAW format photographs in Adobe Photoshop CS3. The very first book that caught my eye was titled “Photoshop CS3 RAW: Get the Most Out of the Raw Format with Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Bridge.” I excitedly picked up the book and began paging through it, only to be disappointed to find that the focus of the book was weighted more towards Camera Raw and Bridge and had very little to offer in terms of Photoshop.

This same situation is far too often paralleled in the world of paid search traffic. For almost any keyword imaginable there exists any number of seemingly relevant ads that reflect the logic behind the search term, but often only a select follow up on the ad with a relevant landing page. Not many users will stick around on a page without immediate relevance, especially when armed with increasingly easy to use back buttons and hundreds of other advertisers to choose from. clearly has some relevancy issues with their paid search advertising. A co-worker recently sarcastically stated about their online ad campaigns – “It’s like they opened up a dictionary and started bidding on every word they could find regardless of whether or not they sell the product.”

My back was kind of sore when I was writing this article, so I searched for “back massager” on Google.


Sure enough, there was Target with another one of their ads aimed at anyone searching for anything on the internet. At least they sell back massagers so let’s see what their landing page has to offer. you’ve done it again! actually sells back massagers (some pretty nice ones too), but their landing page clearly isn’t focused on the searched for product. In fact, make-up has nothing to do with what I was looking for on this search. As usual, I had to use the back button and move on. This is a pretty drastic example, but many paid search marketers seem to follow this same logic. (and you) can improve upon your existing landing pages by asking yourself some simple questions:

  1. What is your conversion goal? Be specific.
  2. How does the keyword (or keyword group) you are bidding on relate to your conversion goal?
  3. How does your ad relate to your conversion goal?

After you’ve answered these three questions you’ll be ready to create a more relevant landing page. sells massage chairs, so their conversion goal in this case is to sell me a message chair for my aching back. The keyword “back massager” clearly has this goal in mind, as does their ad copy. Given these premises, it follows logically that the landing page should be geared towards getting me to buy a massage chair. Obviously has some work to do, but you can avoid simple mistakes like these by keeping the three basic questions above in mind when analyzing your current landing pages and creating new ones.

Relevance is just one of many common issues I come across when analyzing landing pages. We are always testing at ROI. If you want to learn more about using Google Website Optimizer and what you should be testing on your landing pages the you can check out the Google Website Optimizer Training Series on January 8th. The training will cover landing page principles, basic, and advanced testing techniques. Join us for the online training and start improving your website’s performance!

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