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Website Optimizer Wednesdays – Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics Renew Their Vows

November 19, 2008

More than a year and a half ago, my co-worker Shawn Purtell and I were on a red-eye flight to Raleigh. We had just spent two days at the Googleplex immersed in Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer and our minds were reeling. While I tried unsuccessfully to get some much-needed sleep, Shawn kept going on about combining the multivariate experiment data from Google Website Optimizer with the more detailed metrics in Google Analytics.

I’m pretty sure that I slept most of the weekend (I don’t take jet lag very well), but Shawn went straight to work on figuring out the GWO JavaScript and getting to the bottom of the combination algorithm. He returned to the office on Monday with the whole thing pretty much figured out. After a few days of testing, Shawn shared his method for inserting Google Website Optimizer combination data into Google Analytics reports:

Google Website Optimizer uses a single metric, conversion rate, to determine which combination of variations is king. But what about other metrics that may be just as valuable, like Page Value, Avg. Time, Conversion Rates for multiple goals, Bounce Rate, Exit %, and Full Navigation Analysis? What if you want to segment your traffic or filter out internal hits? Well, now you can find out just about everything you want to know about combinations by using Google Analytics.

He raises a great point. Google Website Optimizer is all about conversion rate, but in many cases, that’s not the best metric for the job. Since posting his script back in April of 2007, we’ve had thousands of downloads. It’s clear that others agree with Shawn. So does Google, it appears, because they’ve just made it a lot easier to integrate Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics.

Read on for more about official updates to the marriage between Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.

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November 19, 2008

Optimizer.jpgJust a brief reminder that there is still time to register for the FIRST EVER Google Website Optimizer Seminar for Success, where we share our Website Optimizer knowledge with you in person!

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Landing Page Principals
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* Developing Your Value Proposition
* Minimizing Friction and Combating Anxiety
* Design and Layout Principals

A/B and Basic Testing
* Introduction to Google Website Optimizer
* Types of Testing
* A/B Testing Strategies
* Setting up an A/B Test (Live Demo)

Multivariate and Advanced Testing
* Multivariate Experiments
* Setting up a Multivariate Experiment (Live Demo)
* How to Read Results
* Advanced Testing with Google Website Optimizer
* Advanced Tools and Techniques

Audience Question & Answer ALL DAY LONG
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Website Optimizer Wednesdays – Choosing the Right Page to Test

November 12, 2008

So you’ve decided that testing is the way to go…. now what?

Here at ROI Revolution, we don’t want to just tell you that testing is awesome and then leave you at the altar, we want to help you develop a process so that you can test effectively and efficiently.

That process starts with understanding your traffic and choosing the best page to test. It may sound easy, but if it’s not done right, you could end up wasting time and resources.

I’ve gone ahead and outlined a three-step process you can use to help pick the best page to test:

Website Optimizer Wednesdays – Landing Page Relevance

November 3, 2008


Last weekend I was at Barnes & Noble looking for a book on editing RAW format photographs in Adobe Photoshop CS3. The very first book that caught my eye was titled “Photoshop CS3 RAW: Get the Most Out of the Raw Format with Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Bridge.” I excitedly picked up the book and began paging through it, only to be disappointed to find that the focus of the book was weighted more towards Camera Raw and Bridge and had very little to offer in terms of Photoshop.

This same situation is far too often paralleled in the world of paid search traffic. For almost any keyword imaginable there exists any number of seemingly relevant ads that reflect the logic behind the search term, but often only a select follow up on the ad with a relevant landing page. Not many users will stick around on a page without immediate relevance, especially when armed with increasingly easy to use back buttons and hundreds of other advertisers to choose from.

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