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Update to Matching Specific Transactions to Specific Keywords

February 18, 2008

Shawn wrote an article back in May which showed you how to use filters in Google Analytics to modify your transaction list to see source, medium and keyword data for each transaction. As many of you have noticed by now, there have been some issues since January 15th involving custom fields which have caused this and other advanced filters to stop working.

Since then, we have found a way around using custom fields for this particular set of filters. Your reports will look and function as before.

Here are the details:

Using the same naming convention as in Shawn’s post, this first filter will be called Trans List Mod 1. It will append the campaign source to the transaction order id.

Click here for Filter #1

The second filter appends the campaign medium to the now modified transaction order id. After this filter, the “e-commerce transaction id” field should now contain the campaign source and medium of the visit in addition to the transaction order id.

Click here for Filter #2

The final filter appends the keyword (bid term only) to the modified transaction order id. So now the “e-commerce transaction id” field should contain source, medium, and keyword info for the transaction in addition to the transaction order-id.

Click here for Filter #3

There you have it! Again, if you need more information about why you might want this filter set and what it will do for you, refer to Shawn’s article. Once we are able to use custom fields again there will be zero benefit to using this filter set over Shawn’s. This is just an alternate way to get this same data in your reports that happens to not use custom fields.

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