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The Savvy Advertiser’s Guide to Merchant Promotions

January 22, 2015

savvy advertiser's guide to merchant promosIf you’ve ever done a product search on Google – chances are you’ve come across Google’s Merchant Promotions feature.

You’ve probably even used it yourself. But what you might not know as a paid search manager is this—even though Google released this feature in late 2012, the vast majority of retailers still aren’t using it. In fact, my guess is that only 1/3 of the accounts we’ve audited have ever used Merchant Promos.

This means there’s a big opportunity for YOU to jump on board and take competitive advantage over this conversion-boosting ad extension. And this post will walk you through the basics to getting started with Merchant Promotions.

But you might be wondering, what exactly does Merchant Promotions do, and why should you care? I’m glad you asked.

4 Core Principles for Remarketing Success

December 15, 2014

Ant_active_exploration_using_antennaThere are a lot of moving parts to an optimized AdWords account.

While we’re all aware of the top players, text ads and PLAs, many people forget about, choose to  forgo, or simply don’t know about remarketing.

Set up a bit differently from regular text ads, remarketing targets Google’s Display Network and focuses on capturing users that have already been  to your site, and are therefore more qualified.

Whether you’re already utilizing remarketing and want to take it a step further, or are jumping into remarketing for the first time, here are some simple insights you can use to beef up your campaign .

5 Easy Ways to Make the Most Out of Bing Ads

December 2, 2014

new-bing-logoBing Ads has been changing substantially over the past few months, and it’s easy to miss out on features and updates.

Even though the Bing/Yahoo network brings in a lot less traffic than Google for most retailers, it’s nontheless a chunk of traffic you don’t want to lose.

And now as major browser Firefox makes their bold move and sets Yahoo as its new default search engine, it’s more important than ever that you are optimizing your pay per click ads on Bing.

If you haven’t had a chance to review some of the newest initiatives and updates from Bing, here’s a quick recap of five easy features that will help you make the most out of your Bing performance.

Is Your AdWords Budget Ready for the Holidays?

November 26, 2014

Brace for Holiday Traffic!Only a few more days until Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Shoppers everywhere are counting down to the biggest sales of the year.

But if you’re reading this, you likely find yourself on the other side of that fence – bracing for the onslaught of shoppers, browsers, and competition that’s scheduled to hit as early as Thursday.

And we’ve found that one of the easiest and most important ways you can prepare your AdWords account for the holidays is budget management. We’ll show you what we mean.

The Power of Comparison Shopping Engines

November 20, 2014

PricegrabberIn recent years, e-commerce merchants have experienced a considerable increase in traffic and flourishing sales as a result of listing their products on comparison shopping engines.

Comparison shopping engines (CSEs) allow online retailers to directly compete with similar merchants on a single results pages.

These engines do this by amassing high quality product information from vendors, usually through a merchant uploaded data feed, in order to produce comparison listings of the most relevant and competitive products for potential customers searching on their websites.

Five Ways to Boost Google Shopping Holiday Success

November 19, 2014

Google Shopping this Holiday SeasonGoogle Shopping campaigns have been a hot topic for 2014, and this holiday season is the first that retailers will spend with the new Shopping campaign format.

Shopping campaigns are a huge focus for many of our clients, and we’ve been testing this campaign format for over a year.

So this holiday shopping season, we expect Google Shopping campaigns to play a huge part in driving successful results.

In honor of tomorrow’s webinar, 6 Ways to Increase AdWords Profits During the Holiday Rush, I’ll be sharing five additional Google Shopping-specific tips for holiday success.

Income-ing! An AdWords Targeting Trick to Boost Return

November 12, 2014

Targeting Household IncomeAs we manage our clients’ accounts, one of our main focuses is to manage ad spend efficiently while meeting or exceeding our clients’ return goals.

Last year, Google launched a geographic targeting feature, household income targeting, that allows us to more efficiently allocate spend for clients whose target markets fit specific income brackets, whether low, high, or somewhere in the middle. We’ve also seen this targeting work well for accounts whose average order value varies based on income levels.

Using household income (HHI) targeting, we can target 6 different income tiers and add bid modifiers based on how each tier performs, at the campaign level. Today, I’ll give you a brief overview of how.

Getting Started With Facebook Ads

November 10, 2014

Facebook AdvertisingIn this day and age, most businesses know that it is important to have active social media accounts.

You’ve spent hours carefully crafting relevant content to engage your connections, but have you ever really seen all of that time and effort pay off?

According to its most recent earnings report, Facebook made an average of $6.64 in ad revenue per user in Q3 of 2014 compared to $4.19 in Q3 of 2013. With year over year growth of over 57%, Facebook is becoming a major player in the game of driving qualified traffic.

The Roads More Traveled: A Profile Of Multi-Channel Shoppers

November 5, 2014

RoadWhen two roads diverge in a yellow wood, shoppers are no longer taking only one of those roads.

In fact, two thirds of shoppers now use more than one channel when making purchases. Multi-channel shopping is the now the way of the world.

While we are still in the early stages of being able to accurately track multi-channel shopping behaviors, we are starting to learn more about who these multi-channel shoppers are.

Digging Deep with Multi-Channel Funnels

November 4, 2014

gamcf01A reality every advertiser has to grapple with is understanding how your customers arrive at purchase, which is a process that has become less and less linear over the years. However, with Multi-Channel Funnels reporting in Google Analytics, you’re not totally left in the dark.

First unveiled in 2011 and polished over the years, Multi-Channel Funnels includes an extremely valuable set of reports for diagnosing users’ engagement with your site and their path to conversion.

Our goal is to help illuminate the functions of these reports to help you investigate and better understand your audience.

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