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Facebook Doubles Down on the Mobile-First Movement

May 26, 2016

Facebook Doubles Down on the Mobile-First MovementOn Wednesday, Facebook announced that they will be closing down Facebook Exchange, which is their ad platform that focuses on retargeted desktop ads.

The news was broken by Matt Idema, Facebook’s Vice President of Monetization. In an email, Idema points out that mobile devices account for the overwhelming majority of users accessing the site and account for 82% of Facebook’s ad revenue.

Mobile-only users have jumped up to over 894 million worldwide and over 91% (over 1.5 billion) of Facebook users access the site via mobile on a monthly basis.

Google Text & Display Ads Updated to Meet the Needs of a Mobile World

May 25, 2016

Google Text and Display Ads Getting Much Needed FaceliftOn Tuesday, Google announced that they are expanding text ads in a major way. They are currently testing ads that are a 50% increase in size, and these enlarged ads will be available to all advertisers later this year.

The decision to increase text ad size is based on Google’s approach to a mobile-first world. With roughly half of all internet users starting their searches on a 5” mobile screen, it makes sense that advertising should be optimized for those devices. These new ads do just that.

The Google AdWords Redesign is a Game-Changer

May 24, 2016

Google AdWords Update
Earlier in May, we outlined the basics of the Google AdWords changes that would be coming in the near future. Well, hold on to your hats, because we’ve got loads more info to go over with you!

On Tuesday, May 24th, Google’s Keynote of their annual summit was broadcast live on their AdWords blog and boy, was it an eye-opener.

Aside from the complete overhaul to AdWords, which we’ll get into momentarily, they also went over some drastic changes to Analytics. This included the unveiling of a six application suite of products that are better tailored to integrate tools for ads and analytics. This suite will also make the tools easier to access and use, encourage collaboration, and give them a “built-in intelligence” to process enormous amounts of data quickly and easily.

The Overwhelming Importance of Mobile Marketing

May 18, 2016

Mobile MarketingBack in 2007 when the first smartphones were being introduced, there were few people in the industry who truly understood just how much was about to change. If you had told someone that smartphones would surpass desktops for web browsing in just seven short years, you’d probably have been laughed out of the room.

But the joke is on them. By early 2014 mobile devices eclipsed desktop for internet browsing. Now, two years later, there looks to be no end in sight.

Currently, mobile internet users have topped 2 billion people. With a world population of roughly 7.5 billion, that means more than one quarter of the world’s population is accessing the internet with their phone.

Update on Google AdWords Redesign Coming May 24th

May 11, 2016

Google AdWordsFor 15 years, Google AdWords has evolved in a slow, methodical way. By adding in extra segmentation fields and fine-tuning the small things, Google has tried to keep the product fresh and current.

But due to recent trends with mobile overtaking desktop for searches, Google has decided to change AdWords in a major way with a complete redesign of the UI. If that idea scares you, fear not. They will be previewing some of these changes in just a few weeks with a live demo.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what we know and what we can expect to see. First off, here’s what we know.

We know that the changes are going to be focused around mobile use, simplicity, ease of access, and being more supportive and tailored to individual businesses.

Google’s GTIN Compliance Deadline is Approaching Fast. Are you Ready?

May 3, 2016

Conveyor-UPCIn case you weren’t aware, Google is requiring that anyone selling products with a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) must provide that number for items on Google Shopping as of May 16th. Non-compliance means those products will no longer be listed. Ouch.

Before we go any further, let’s go over what a GTIN is so that you’ll know if your business qualifies. Ok, go grab one of your products. Got it? Good. Now, do you see that little bar code on the back of your package? Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a GTIN!

In the United States, those barcodes with the numbers on them are referred to as UPCs (or ISBNs for books). If your product has one and it’s on Google Shopping, it needs to be included in the listing.

In Europe and some other regions, they are known as EANs. In Japan it’s a JAN (see a pattern here?). All over the globe these numbers exist on the vast majority of products sold. And everywhere they are, they need to be updated for Google.

Facebook Ads No Longer a “Silent Auction”: New Tool Shows You Why the Other Guy Got the Bid

March 29, 2016

FacebookMegaphoneIf you’ve delved into Facebook advertising at all, you’re probably familiar with the three bare-bones factors Facebook uses to determine where to place your ads. Here’s a quick recap from the Facebook for Business Page:  

  • Define your target audience.
  • Set an objective for your campaign (brand awareness, leads, or sales).
  • Place a monetary value on the conversion point you’re aiming for, such as impressions, social engagement, or purchases.

Sounds simple enough. But what happens if you’ve defined all three of these with laser precision, and your campaigns still aren’t achieving the wide reach you intended them to? Last week, Facebook announced its newest feature, Delivery Insights, to delve into the possibilities of why you may not be getting those top ad spots.

Google Introduces a New Split Test Feature in AdWords

March 21, 2016

data_analysisDo you ever wish that Google would just tell you which of your ads is the top-performing?

Well, your wish just came true.

Google has now added that capability right in the AdWords interface!  We have spotted this cool new feature under the “Ads” tab in AdWords, and found that Google can now compare two ads to declare a winner immediately.

Years ago at ROI, our developers created tools to perform this split test analysis, so this practice has long been incorporated into our account management and best practices.

However, this new feature could save you a lot of time and frustration if you are only looking to optimize ads in a few select ad groups.

Here’s how it works.

Facebook Seminar Recap: Targeting that Hits the Bullseye and Ad Anatomy that Doesn’t Look Like Frankenstein’s Monster

March 16, 2016

DSC_0155eSince ROI Revolution has several one-day seminars coming down the pipeline, we wanted to give you a picture of what those look like from beginning to end. Our most recent event was “The Secrets of Facebook Advertising for Retailers” on February 10th: 1-day seminar jam-packed with the why’s and how’s of advertising on Facebook.

Here are just a few pieces of feedback we got after the event:

“Great Seminar! I got so much more out of it than I ever expected to learn in 8 hours. I now feel confident and equipped to tackle Facebook advertising for our company and hopefully some great ROI!”

“The seminar provided very concrete, clear, actionable steps on launching, maintaining, and optimizing a paid presence on Facebook. A day well-spent!”

(And here’s another favorite: “I laughed, I cried, it became part of me.”)

ROI seminars go from mainstream instructing, to peer learning, to one-on-one advice, upholding our unique structure that enables people of every learning style to benefit. The day began with sessions on the “why” of Facebook advertising…or more like “Why not?” Why not advertise on a platform that costs ⅓ as much as Google, with the same audience size, and even more targeting options?

Straight from Google: The Shifting Momentum of Paid Search

March 14, 2016

paidsearchmomentumThe momentum of change in paid search is staggering.

We finished our annual benchmark report last month, which reviews paid search trends over the last two years.

Usually, these industry insights remain exclusive to our analysts and clients. But this year, the trends we saw were just too important not to share.

Take Google Shopping for example. Shopping has been a hot topic for a while now, but did you know that roughly half of Google Search clicks are now Shopping clicks?

Two years ago, it was 31 percent. Two years before that, Google Shopping as we know it today didn’t even exist.

When you delve into Google Shopping click volume by device, the numbers are even more game-changing:

55 percent of Shopping clicks are now coming from mobile.

What does this mean for your ecommerce marketing strategy?

Join Google and ROI Revolution live on March 17th at 2pm, as we discuss this and other important industry trends—and what they mean for your business.

Register today and save your seat. We’ll be answering all attendee questions, so make sure to join us live!

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