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Top 5 Perks to Look Forward to at Your First (or Fourth) Summit: Day 1

December 7, 2016

If you’re joining us at our fourth annual Ecommerce Marketing Summit this year, you’ve probably seen our 2017 Summit agenda at this point. But a bulleted list of titles and speaker names doesn’t come close to describing what it’s actually like to be there. We created the Summit to fill what we saw as a huge gap in ecommerce shows. In a sea of impersonal, lackluster, and-quite frankly-way too expensive shows, we tried to make ours the exact opposite. It’s time to get excited about the relevant, intimate, affordable, red carpet treatment we love to give to our clients and ecommerce retailer guests!


AdWords Makes it Easy to Engage with Shoppers with Customer Match

December 5, 2016

AdWords Makes it Easy to Engage with Shoppers with Customer MatchIt’s crunch time. With only a few weeks left in the holiday season, now is the time to take action and grab up all those shoppers and turn them into customers. The problem is, shoppers have become so savvy that their expectations often make it difficult to even get them onto your site.

Well have no fear, AdWords Customer Match is here! As announced on the Inside AdWords blog on Thursday, they’ve rolled out a simpler way to approach the holidays. They’ve created a way to streamline subscriber lists which opens up more options to reaching your customers.

So if your subscriber list is constantly changing, you can now add or remove specific addresses or replace the list entirely without having to constantly create new versions.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Read on to learn even more of the new and improved features Customer Match has to offer.

PARTNER BLOG: How to Handle the High Traffic Season

December 1, 2016

How to Handle the High-Traffic SeasonThis blog post is courtesy of Yoel Feldman, co-founder and COO of Proonto, an ROI Revolution partner.

Remember when you used to go from store to store with a list of people to shop for each holiday? You’d enter the toy store, ask the salesperson for help finding a present for your nieces and nephews. Then you’d go to the Jewelry store and ask for help from the representative to find the perfect piece in your price range for your mom. This seemed to continue on ad infinitum. You trusted the salespeople to guide you towards the right choice by asking questions about your recipients and by knowing their stock inside and out.

These days, many brick and mortar stores have been replaced by tabs on a browser. That sales associate’s “helping hand” has often become a feature that many shoppers find themselves missing.

Around the holiday season, being able to spot browsers and be ready to help them make the right choice for their recipient is more important than ever. Even more than that, continuing to provide personalized service during the high-volume season is critical! How can you find balance between providing quality service in a high traffic time while continuing to drive as many visitors to your site as possible?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Dominate, As Does Mobile

November 29, 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Dominate, As Does MobileTwo of the biggest retail days of the year have come and gone, and good grief, the numbers are staggering! According to Internet Retailer and Adobe, Black Friday alone accounted for more than $3.3 billion dollars! That’s up more than 21% from 2015!

As if that wasn’t big enough, Cyber Monday had to go and trump that total (no political pun intended) with $3.45 billion in sales yesterday. While it was a more modest 12% again over last year, the increase has helped to push November up 7.6% year over year (YoY).

6 SEO Missteps that Can Sink an Online Retailer

November 23, 2016

6 SEO Missteps that Can Sink an Online Retailer

Search engine optimization is crucial for gaining online traffic. Organic search accounts for roughly 50% of all visitors to websites. In a single month, Google gets over 100 billion searches! Thinking that your website can thrive without a strong focus on SEO is a fool’s errand.

The problem, however, is that many online retailers still utilize some bad SEO habits that are actually hurting them more than helping. In order to better understand what you should be doing, let’s first focus on six of the key problem areas ecommerce companies run into when trying to improve their SEO.

Speaker Spotlight: David Piercy from Shindigz, Pioneer of Promoted Pins and Connoisseur of Facebook Content

November 14, 2016


When Olympic trial-qualified diver and digital marketing guru David Piercy began working at Shindigz 2 years ago, he dove right into the tidal wave that would send Shindigz to the top of the party supply industry.  With some shifts in social media time and resource investments, Shindigz has an engaged community of social media followers like never before through 2 central strategies: promoted pins on Pinterest and content marketing on Facebook. Hear more about David’s journey in ecommerce, and a few juicy tidbits about what he’ll be sharing on the Summit stage.

ROI: Tell us more about how you ended up in your current ecommerce role.

David: After college, I actually could not find a job in the position I wanted. Beyond my degree in graphic design, I wanted to experiment with all aspects of marketing…but I had a friend working for a medical company that did IT work and he got me the job there to be graphic designer. So I took that job, and being a smaller company, I was able to learn to do several things within the marketing realm that I had to learn out of necessity. In the interview, he looked at my portfolio and he asked if I was able to make these designs into a TV commercial. I had never done animation before or video work, but I knew I could learn, so I just told him I can do it. He gave me the job there, and then I went home and jumped on my computer and learned how to make animations and video! 

ROI: That’s a common theme we see with ecommerce leaders. There’s no college major in digital marketing: much of it is self-taught. All of you are incredible jack-of-all-trades!

David: I don’t really like to say I’m a jack-of-all-trades, but I like to learn about a lot of different things. For something that really sparks my interest, I know I can learn it…there are some things I don’t want to learn. I could not be a surgeon. That’s not me. I have boundaries. [laughs]

From Visitor to Customer: The Art of the Conversion

November 9, 2016

From Visitor to Customer: The Art of the Conversion

Conversions are a crucial component of any paid search strategy. If users aren’t converting on your website, you aren’t selling your product or service…plain and simple. However, many ecommerce businesses still neglect conversion rate optimization (CRO) and overly focus on vanity metrics like page views, average visit duration, or even leads!

These metrics are certainly not useless to understand as a baseline for making sitewide improvements. However, if your company isn’t additionally focusing on the bigger picture of conversions and overall ROI, you could find yourself squandering your advertising budget with little to show for it.

PARTNER BLOG: How to use UGC and Instagram to Boost Brand Awareness and Maximize Site Traffic

October 25, 2016

Boost Brand Awareness with UGC and Instagram

This blog post is courtesy of YotPo, an ROI Revolution partner.

Today’s social media users seek content that is personal, authentic, and relatable. They’re savvy, and brush branded ads aside.

The best way to reach them is by integrating user-generated content (UGC) into your marketing. UGC is any content generated by consumers, such as photos, reviews, or Q&A. It is the online version of word-of-mouth marketing.

Speaker Spotlight: An Interview With Paul Nielson, Lifetime’s International Online Content Specialist

October 24, 2016

lifetime_logoAt Lifetime — a brand synonymous with durable tables, outdoor equipment, and much more — updating content dozens of websites once relied entirely on the sales team. They had to create all the content their prospects wanted on demand. Enter Paul Nielson, International Online Content Specialist and 2017 Summit speaker.

“At first they thought visual content was just going to be a simple part-time process… that all I’ll be doing is auditing different retailer websites and making changes,” Paul recalls. What started as a part-time role ended up as a full-time team of professionals dedicated to hunting down the most accurate buyer data and fine-tuning their websites as a result. Their visual content team and customer service team now work seamlessly as a unit: a content-creating, buyer-optimized powerhouse! The ROI events team recently spoke with Paul about his experience to get a bigger picture of his story in preparation for the Summit.

RPaul_NielsonOI: What was the catalyst for Lifetime to create a visual content team?

Paul: “I knew my role was beginning to be taken more seriously than a part-time position when all of a sudden I was in photo briefs and explaining how photos should be taken and how information should be presented and what is the copy that goes into the text. I was sharing more and creating more processes in the company because of my experience, and the sales managers could now focus on selling the product and not having to worry so much about setup.”

ROI: The last time we talked, you mentioned that customer reviews is becoming a large part of content as well – so much that you’ve witnessed a significant jump in positive reviews as you optimized your content. Can you tell us more about that?

PARTNER BLOG: How WMS Can Increase Product Rankings & Visibility on Amazon

October 6, 2016

How WMS Can Increase Product Rankings & Visibility on Amazon

This blog post is courtesy of SkuVault, an ROI Revolution partner.

Selling your products on Amazon is a must for sellers with any kind of long-term success plan. Selling your products with great rankings and widespread visibility is an even bigger must. There can be a lot of hurdles to get past in order to achieve success, but implementing an efficient warehouse management system (WMS) makes the process much smoother.

So what kind of hurdles are we talking about? Let’s see. There’s a little thing called mis-shipments which can cause a domino-effect of issues. There’s customer dissatisfaction. And there’s poor out-of-stock ratios. All of which can be solved using features provided by a WMS capable of handling possible errors not caught by humans. When considering products for ranking and visibility, Amazon runs these factors into an algorithm. They also consider these factors when determining who gets the Buy Box a.k.a the golden egg.

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