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November 18, 2015

nextgenerationofmarketingWhen you have a chance, I would encourage you to take a look at a new report on Digital Marketing Trends from Internet Retailer (in full disclosure, we are one of the sponsors).

It includes their first-ever digital marketing survey results.

You can find it here:

I’m not sure how you best retain information, but I still tend to print key materials. I then use an old-school highlighter so I can refer to some good factoids to help me articulate a position or reinforce key points with my internal teams or external audiences.

3 Things from the Report that Piqued My Interest (which only scratches the surface):

  • US Retailer Digital Ad Spending jumped 14.4% last year.
  • Paid search is the leading medium retailers are seeking to lure mobile consumers.
  • Facebook is by far the #1 Social Network that retailers use to advertise.

Download the report for more stats and interesting insights. Have thoughts on the report? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment.

Surf’s Up, Dude! – Riding the Waves of Radical Disruption and Customer Experience

November 12, 2015

surfsupThoughts from the Digital Summit, Day 2

I really enjoyed Justin Ferrell’s keynote around organizational design. Four things especially stuck with me:

1. Focus on the innovators before innovations.

2. To get radical collaboration, you need cross discipline teams. If you only hangout with similar people (which is the tendency ex: business majors hanging out with other business majors), you won’t get real innovations.

3. Uncover needs by talking with people. More importantly, focus from the onset on the  extreme   Designing for the extreme may result in a market winner.  If you focus on the average user, you may get an average outcome (and who wants to be average?).  Did you know that wheeled suitcases were actually targeting pilots and flight crews due to short turnaround times?  I think you get my point…

4. Focus on creative problem finding creative problem solving.

What does a spaceship specialist, a behavioral scientist, and a pair of Entremanures have in common?

November 11, 2015

Take a quick glance at the backstories of our speakers at the Summit, and you’ll see that one theme stands out: taking calculated yet unconventional risks. That means doing your homework and expanding that knowledge with your unique ideas. Just look at the Wright brothers. The physics that make successful flight possible were lying around in science books for centuries, but the innovation happened when they questioned its limits.

Unfortunately, Wilbur and Orville couldn’t make it to the Summit. But, we do have a line-up of impressive speakers that have one character trait in common: they are accomplished risk-takers. They have incredible stories of successful, calculated, and unconventional decisions. Their sessions not only are inspirational, but are also informational. You’ll get practical tips on what valid risk-taking looks like in every area of an ecommerce business, not just ROI’s specialty of PPC. These are just a few names from our lineup of experts that will help you know a worthwhile risk when you see one.

ROI Revolution Seeks a World-Class Digital Marketer to Join the Team (Orlando, Florida)

October 21, 2015

ROI Revolution has an immediate opening for a world-class digital marketing pro with strong paid search and display advertising experience for our Orlando, FL office.

Although we like to stay under the radar, ROI Revolution is one of the top ecommerce-specialized digital marketing agencies in the world, managing hundreds of  millions yearly in paid search and display advertising spend for online retailers.  No digital agency in North America that we know of has more Google certified analysts.

Even with our ecommerce focus, a strong portion of our business has always come from businesses with a longer sales cycle.  Every month, our analysts profitably manage multiple millions of dollars of ad spend to generate new leads for these clients. Deep expertise in analytics is crucial when a sale can take months instead of minutes.  We have it.  And you can leverage it in this role.

Tricorders, Content and Mobile (Oh My)!

October 14, 2015


3 Thoughts from the Digital Summit

Mark Digman has spent 20+ years in various marketing roles, mainly in the software industry, but has recently shifted gears to lead the marketing efforts at ROI Revolution. His hope with this blog series is that (1) you enjoy and learn something and (2) he can actually stick with this while providing some useful information.

Although I’ve been to many events in my career, this was my first time attending the Digital Summit in Philly. Here are my three takeaways from day one:

A further appreciation on the advances of potentially disruptive technology to retailers, marketers and people in general is truly humbling.

The keynote from Salim Ismail of Singularity University was inspiring and scary at the same time. Why? Because of the speed, variety and potential impact of innovation occurring all around us.

If you are like me, you tend to have your head down, getting stuff done, working a plan. While I think I’m being strategic – there is strategic and then there is “STRATEGIC.”

Become a Business Master Faster: Tickets Now on Sale for ROI Revolution’s 10X E-commerce Event!

October 5, 2015

Da Vinci’s painting career before completing the Mona Lisa: 41 years

Tolkien’s writing career before publication of Lord of the Rings trilogy: 44 years

Your Opportunity to Throw Your Business into Hyper Drive: Just 131 Days from Now!


It can take a long time to become a master at something, and as an e-commerce retailer, time is probably something you just can’t get enough of. Need a whole lot of genius in a little bit of time? That’s where the 2016 ROI Revolution Summit comes in. The 10X E-Commerce Event features a two-day itinerary jam-packed with masters of e-commerce and renowned researchers who revolutionized the business world. Big-name companies sharing the secrets of how they have 10X’d their success. Entrepreneurial experts profitably competing with – and beating – the big players in their spaces. The Summit will be a shortcut in your journey to mastering your own business.

The Skinny on Google’s Upgraded URLs

July 1, 2015

googleupgradedurlsToday, July 1st, Google rolls out the new upgraded URL feature, which has been in Beta since last summer.

The purpose of this new feature is to divide the traditional Destination URL field into two parts – a final URL and a tracking template. Right now, advertisers use the destination URL for the URL of their landing page as well as including tracking parameters and redirects for tracking. With the new upgrade, advertisers will benefit in 3 ways:

  1. Less time managing destination URLs.
  2. Reduced site crawling and website load time.
  3. Faster ad reviews.

The Microsoft/Yahoo Search Alliance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

May 5, 2015

On April 16th, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft) announced an amendment to their previous search arrangement.

This has some people scratching their heads, unsure of just what that actually means.

And it has others sweating bullets as they realize they’ll soon have to start mastering yet another paid search platform if they want to maintain traffic.

We’ve been on the phone with Yahoo and Bing representatives a lot lately, so here’s the inside scoop, simplified as much as possible.

7 Ad Budget Disasters Waiting to Happen (and What to Do About Them)

March 31, 2015

AdWords is a complex machine.paidsearchdisasters

With so many different settings, features, and best practices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with it all.

Thus, it’s not surprising that stuff falls through the cracks from time to time.

But sometimes, the little mismanagements that escape your attention today become those big problems that cost you hundreds of dollars (and a bottle of aspirin) tomorrow.

These are disasters waiting to happen, and we’ve personally seen them cost even the smartest retailers thousands of dollars.

So today, we’re talking disaster preparedness for paid search advertising. These are 7 little-known disasters waiting to happen – and what you can do about them.

4 Simple Chores to Combat Killer AdWords Clutter

March 16, 2015

killer adwords clutterEverybody loves living in a clean, well-organized house. But you rarely meet anyone who really likes the process of regularly cleaning their homes.

We all know about those tasks you always put off as long as possible—organizing the garage, deep-cleaning the kitchen, decluttering the attic, etc.

But sooner or later, those “spring cleaning” tasks have to get done or your home—and quality of living—start to deteriorate.

Your AdWords account is much the same way. Problems that might seem insignificant on a week to week view can accumulate over months and years to cause startling problems for your paid search account.

And just like your spring cleaning—the longer you put off these AdWords tasks, the worse it’s going to get.

So as the weather starts to warm and you get out those dust rags and brooms, it’s time to mentally commit to giving your AdWords account the same attention. Don’t worry – we’ll help you figure out how.

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