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Our Clients Love Us

Among other things, our 225 clients in seven countries are fanatical about our company because we deliver results. Sure our blog posts, book contributions, seminars, webinars, speeches and training courses are great, but when we put that knowledge into action for our clients, we create some pretty incredible results.

Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about us:

Canvas on Demand

“We've worked with many brilliant talkers but it's seldom that you run across a company whose words and actions match. ROI Revolution has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their actions meet their intentions.”

Joe Schmidt, Co-Founder of, USA

Spangler Candy Company

“We've been approached by a lot of other vendors, and haven't entertained any notion of changing, because we're just really happy with them. Selecting ROI Revolution was definitely the right thing.”

Jim Knight, VP of Marketing at Spangler Candy Spangler Candy Company, Bryan, OH USA

Do My Own Pest Control

To grow 60%-100% every year for ten years is not easy. I have no question in my mind that ROI Revolution is a big reason we've continued to sustain that growth.”

Michael Gossling, President and Co-Founder of, Norcross, GA USA

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Out of the many e-commerce partners that I manage, ROI Revolution is the #1 for Leonisa because on top of the excellent results we have had so far, they are friendly people and easy to work with.”

Victor Yacaman, Director of Ecommerce at, Colombia, SA & Norcross, GA USA


“ROI Revolution is forward thinking -- and that combined with a focus on customer communication is a win/win every time.

They have helped us stand apart, and their focus on improvement through detailed analysis has been a guiding light for our ecommerce department.”

Patricia Bible, CEO of KaTom

Swing Set Mall

“In the past 3 months of working with ROI, we've beaten all of our previous records and are very close to doubling gross revenues.

Working with our team is a real pleasure. The information they provide to us is easy to understand and they’re very interested in learning about our business, this is something you don’t see from outside providers very often.”

Glenn Stockton, President & CEO of, Bremerton, WA USA

“ROI Revolution is always... looking for ways to increase my business and control my costs. We are seeing double and, in the best months, triple the number of sales and transactions driven by paid search, and at a cost per acquisition that is less than half of what we had with our last agency.”

Jeff McRitchie, VP of Marketing for, Hillsboro, OR USA

Web Undies

“Over the course of two or three months it became very clear to me that ROI not just met our expectations, but really blew them out of the water.”

Terri Hunsinger, Partner of, Cranford, NJ USA

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